Easter Journey with Mary Preparing for the Consecration to Our Lady May 29–30

May 17–May 23

All gather around an image of Mary and a candle. Light the candle and make the sign of the cross:

V. In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

R. Amen.

For those families that will pray together, the opening words are read by the father, the teaching and the intercessions by different children, and the final prayer by the mother.

I. Opening

On the cross, the Lord gave us his Mother and in John, the beloved disciple, we all received her among our dearest things. As a good Mother, she not only distributes God's graces to us but also helps us to understand how Jesus makes our lives great and beautiful. Through Mary, we want to rediscover how Christ risen has touched all the dimensions of our life. We want to prepare ourselves as a family for the consecration of our parish to Her. We ask Mary to be with us these days, preparing our hearts to receive the Holy Spirit.

II. Teaching

Read the reflection by St. John Paul II assigned for the day (below).

III. Intercessions

Say the following intercessions and responses:

V. Mary, your virgin heart was the soil ready to welcome the Holy Spirit who conceived in it our Lord Jesus Christ. We ask you to prepare our hearts for the gift of the Holy Spirit so we will too conceive Jesus in our souls...

R. Lord, hear our prayer.

V. Mary, through your openness to the Holy Spirit, you became the New Ark of the Covenant, the favorite dwelling of God. We ask you to help our families to become a “living Temples” of the Spirit where God is praised and loved...

R. Lord, hear our prayer.

V. Mary, you are the Mother of the Church and the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. We ask you to set our families in the fire of the Holy Spirit so we will spread the Gift of God to our society with courage and determination...

R. Lord, hear our prayer.

All: Our Father... Hail Mary... Glory Be...

IV. Final Prayer

Come, Holy Ghost, Creator, come from thy bright heavenly throne; come, take possession of our souls, and make them all thine own.

Readings from St. John Paul II

From the Encyclical Dominum et vivificantem by John Paul II, 1986.

Monday, May 17

"The Spirit of God," who according to the biblical description of creation "was moving over the face of the water," signifies the same "Spirit who searches the depths of God": "searches the depths of the Father and of the Word-Son in the mystery of creation. Not only is he the direct witness of their mutual love from which creation derives, but he himself is this love. He himself, as love, is the eternal uncreated gift. In him is the source and the beginning of every giving of gifts to creatures.

Tuesday, May 18

Christ "offered himself without blemish to God," and he did this "with an eternal Spirit." In the sacrifice of the Son of Man the Holy Spirit is present and active just as he acted in Jesus' conception, in his coming into the world, in his hidden life and in his public ministry. According to the Letter to the Hebrews, on the way to his "departure" through Gethsemani and Golgotha, the same Christ Jesus in his own humanity opened himself totally to this action of the Spirit-Paraclete, who from suffering enables eternal salvific love to spring forth.

Wednesday, May 19

The Holy Spirit as Love and Gift comes down, in a certain sense, into the very heart of the sacrifice which is offered on the Cross. In this sacrifice Jesus "receives" the Holy Spirit. He receives the Holy Spirit in such a way that afterwards-and he alone with God the Father- can "give him" to the Apostles, to the Church, to humanity. He alone "sends" the Spirit from the Father. He alone presents himself before the Apostles in the Upper Room, "breathes upon them" and says: "Receive the Holy Spirit; if you forgive the sins of any, they are forgive.".

Thursday, May 20

In the Holy Spirit the intimate life of the Triune God becomes totally gift, an exchange of mutual love between the divine Persons and that through the Holy Spirit God exists in the mode of gift. It is the Holy Spirit who is the personal expression of this self-giving, of this being-love. He is Person- Love. He is Person-Gift. Here we have an inexhaustible treasure of the reality and an inexpressible deepening of the concept of person in God, which only divine Revelation makes known to us.

Friday, May 21

Through the gift of grace, which comes from the Holy Spirit, man enters a "new life," is brought into the supernatural reality of the divine life itself and becomes a "dwelling-place of the Holy Spirit," a living temple of God. For through the Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son come to him and take up their abode with him. In the communion of grace with the Trinity, man's "living area" is broadened and raised up to the supernatural level of divine life. Man lives in God and by God: he lives "according to the Spirit," and "sets his mind on the things of the Spirit."

Saturday, May 22

"The glory of God is the living man, yet man's life is the vision of God" : man, living a divine life, is the glory of God, and the Holy Spirit is the hidden dispenser of this life and this glory. The Holy Spirit-says the great Basil- "while simple in essence and manifold in his virtues...extends himself without undergoing any diminishing, is present in each subject capable of receiving him as if he were the only one, and gives grace which is sufficient for all."

Sunday, May 23

The Holy Spirit not only enables us to pray, but guides us "from within" in prayer: he is present in our prayer and gives it a divine dimension. Thus "he who searches the hearts of men knows what is the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God." Prayer through the power of the Holy Spirit becomes the ever more mature expression of the new man, who by means of this prayer participates in the divine life.