My Vision Zoe Alshaial

WHat I Like to dO

I love to draw because there are no rules to what you do or how you do it. No one can stop you and say "you're doing that wrong" or "that isn't how that works". Once you get your pen moving and you fall into a rhythm and really, almost nothing can ruin your concentration. After a while you just get lost in thought and nothing else matters besides the drawing, may it be a silly doodle or the best thing you've ever created, it doesn't make a difference. I also really enjoy taking pictures, even if it's just with my bad phone camera. Pretty views make me really happy so when you take a picture of that view, its like saving a piece of happiness for later, when you need it.

yay art

Who do i admire? why do i admire them?

I admire Porter Robinson, a musician from Chapel Hill who had received international notice and millions of fans when we was only 18 by doing what he enjoyed. He began making music at age 12 and hasn't stopped since as he loves what he's doing. Along the same road is Dan Howell, a youtuber who became famous by doing what he loved as well, and now stresses on accepting others and yourself. I aim to be as okay with myself as them. Another person I admire is Tyler Joseph, as he also is doing something he loves, that being a musician. All 3 have helped people through the things they do and enjoy what they do, along with encourage others to be themselves and do what they love.

"you cannot put a ceiling to your dreams." - Tyler Joseph

What stories do I want to tell when i'm old?

I want to say I traveled, I've seen almost everything there is to be seen and experienced almost everything there is to experience. I want to say I've helped everyone I could help and done everything I could to make people understand those who are different. I want to say I've helped change something that needed to be change, may it be by marching at a protest or telling someone something. I want to say I'm okay with all my flaws and fixed the ones that needed and could be fixed. I want to say I'm okay with everyone else. I also want to say that I grew to love myself with all my flaws and imperfections.

everything goes perfectly, what's life like?

If everything goes exactly as planned, or maybe better, I hope I have a job that I really enjoy doing. I hope I end up living in a cozy place in a rainy city with a cat or two and plenty of plants and an aquarium full of fish all to give the home. I'd have a room dedicated to artsy things and a self full of books. It would be peaceful and cozy with everything I need. I'd be happy living alone, but I would also meet up with friends often, and I'd still surround myself with positive influences. I'd also be able to travel often and get to take plenty of artsy photos, which I would print and hang all over my home. My music taste would grow plenty so I always have something to listen to, and I'd have concerts to look forward too.

Cats and Plants are fun

WHat's important to me?

One thing that's important to me is equality. Lately, it seems that so much has been going on to make people hate others. I know it's nearly impossible to stop all of it, but I would like to educate as many people as possible. You shouldn't hate someone because of their race, religion, sexuality, gender, ect. You're allowed an opinion unless it disrespects someone's existence. Another thing that's important to me is music. I may not be all that great in making it, but it's such an important thing to me. It's so reassuring to hear a song in which someone expresses an emotion, may it good or bad, that you're feeling.

"You're allowed an opinion unless it disrespects someone's existence."

My purpose

Though I'm not grown and I have no idea how my life will be in 10, even 5, years, I think my purpose so far is to make people smile, and if I can't do that, at least be someone they can open up to and feel safe around, as long as it doesn't get to a point where it hurts me. Obviously I'll mature and maybe that will still be something I aim to do, but not my main priority. I'm sure I'll still have the same personality, but who knows how I'll change otherwise.


All are mine but the pictures/video of Porter, Dan, and Tyler

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