Galaxy Girls OPSPARC 2019

Hi! Our names are Olivia Berghout and Alina Knighton, and we are the Opsparc group Galaxy Girls! Our mission is to create a way for boats to be able to sense obstacles that they can't see, whether it's under the water and could possible hit the bottom of the boat or whether it's above and it's too dark to see. We are making this technology by using the 3D Non-Scanning Imager to be able to make 3D images of the ocean floor, and that way the captain will be able to see oncoming obstacles. Our new spinoff is called the GG Imager. The GG Imager quickly takes pictures of the ocean floor, and if there is an obstacle that the captain cannot see hiding under the waves, the captain will be able to see, using the GG Imager, where the obstacle is and how to avoid it. It will also help the captain determine if the obstacle is really a threat.

Our GG Imager

PROBLEM STATEMENT: In order to make sailing at night in water with rocks and ice bergs safe, we need to be able to detect where the hazards to ships are in the ocean and we need to be able to give the captain a good model so that it is easy to maneuver around the obstacle.

This is our mission patch. Our names are Olivia and Alina. Alina's symbol is a question mark because I ask questions and it's a way for improvement on our prototype. Olivia's symbol is a light bulb because it stands for how we can come up with ideas of how to solve world problems that we recognize. The world on our mission patch represents all of the problems that are in the world. The rocket ship represents people uniting together to solve the problems, using NASA technologies.

To the left is our spinoff collage. The things that we took pictures of were the sound system, the wireless headset, the digital camera, the electric guitar, the cloud computing monitor, the air freshenor, the liquid metal racket, and the tv. This collage is of NASA spinoff technologies that are household items.

Criteria and Constraints of our spinoff: Budget, Time, and being able to make our Imager waterproof, and getting it to scan large areas at a time, testing it accurately, making sure it alerts the captain and can load the mages VERY quickly.

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Olivia and Alina


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