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Kappa 1: This project was a complete mess. When we started out with a sketch on the board. The first design we came up with is a rotation disk and a tripod. The tripod was based off of a machine gun in War World One. The tripod had a interlocking mechanism( the mechanism can adjust the angle of elevation and locks at a selected point). The disk is a rotation device and to turn it we will use a crank( made from two gear pieces and a stick). Then Nick suggest us to use his dad's camera tripod for the base. So then we ask for Mr. Twilley if we can use it or not he then told us we are throwing money at the problem. So we decided to build the tripod ourselves. Darren realize we don't have enough material for the disc so we decided to use ball bearings instead of a huge disc. We used On-shape for designing the tripod and the ball bearings. The tripod will be made using the laser cutter and the ball bearing by the 3 dimensional printer.

This is our sketch on the board for the support. We made it so the board will not go full 360 degree. We want it to be turning up to 180 degrees. We taken into account the wind so we made a rotation disc hatch that latches and locks. on the bottom will be the tripod all this might not hold. So we had to discard the design since It will be using up to much material and It will not be stable when the cannon is fired b/c the design seems really fragile with a large top and small bottom.
This is the ball bearing holder that will be used to hold the balls in place. There will be a cap coming with it. The cap will be used as the stand that holds the vertical adjuster( I know there is another name but i don't Know). We though of using ball bearing because it will turn easily even with the weight of the cannon.
Here is the cap that will be on top of the bearing holder. This is where the cannon attach to the vertical adjuster will be placed on. This is not gonna be glued on the bottom but to the vertical adjuster because we think gravity will do it's job and make sure our cannon is stable and able to turn.
This is how the bearing gonna look like. With all three parts that are needed for the mechanism. This took us days to print out. Myron printed out the bearing I don't know how long it took. I was just minding my business and doing the Arduino with my pal Nick but turns out to be a waste of time since Mr. Twilley said that we are using batteries for the launch. That made me realize how pointless my job was for the team.
This is the finished product. But we had to use a chipper to separate the material from the printing board. and we had to sand the bearings b/c there are excess wax.

After the bearing and this is when we moved onto the barrel support and vertical adjuster. so as we go on to create on on-shape we did not take into account the laser taking away material and making the design wider or thinner as we cut so we had to think for a long hard time so then we took some measurements with the balance and the length between the barrels got 11 inches apart(TINCBIWGWI). We also printed out the vertical adjuster parts. The sizes were not proportional we didn't fix it b/c It will be a waste so we continued on with little time left.

This is the generic barrel support. I hate this part of the design since we messed up the measurement so much that when it broke the assistance( Darren) blames it on me.
These are the cut outs that we made. using these designs we were able to generalize how the cannon with look and if there is any adjustment needed for the supports. But this led to our downfall when we made the final cut the support was to short and we had to do it again.

Kappa 2: This is when we had to move on to the Arduino. After we finished with Arduino we moved back to designing our base on On-Shape. For the cannon to not fly away when the tennis ball is fired we had stakes that penetrates the ground. The design was finished but the next step is to print it all out but we had to create our cannon so we had to hold off on the completion so we went to create our cannon.

This was our set up for the base not including the ball bearing nor barrel support. The huge plank on the bottom left is the main base and that is where the ball bearing holder will be glued on. The daggers are the stakes we will connect and glue them together so that it won't fall apart when we stomp it to the ground. The complicated design and the upper center is the vertical adjuster. The vertical adjuster will be smaller that the rest and if you look closer there are holders that stop the adjuster from tilting and keep it firm. When we assemble it all together there will be a bolt that locks the position of the angle of elevation and keep it there. This design did not represent our concept of 180 but when we add on some stuff it wouldn't do a 360 degree.

Kappa 3: The cannon did not take long to create we watch tutorials on how to put on the primer. After the video we had to gather two pipes, short connectors, sprinkler valve, and bicycle pump nozzle. Those were the required items needed for the creation of our cannon. We learned how to put on the primer and the epoxy. It only took two people to create the cannon. The creation took not to long but It look like trash it was messy and disgusting looking. There was a scary part and It was drilling a hole for the nozzle because we fear that the drill will create two holes it was close to doing that It dented the bottom. I was alarmed when the drill made a thud sound I was worried but turns out it was a dent. Then we were told not to put the cap on the cannon because we haven't put the barrel support on. Later on we began making adjustment for our final cut. We were testing designs out on the laser. After a few cuts we were ready to print. This is where things became complicated b/c when we had our parts printed out the support was too small and we haven't notice it yet. So we started to put the pieces together. As we look through our printed pieces and were surprised at the fact that the piece don't connect so we had to sand it out and also we had to sand of the tabs. So this is when we put everything together. Lets move on to the assembly.

Kappa 4: The Greatest Mistake out of Everything

This is when we are gonna assemble our design. everything was going fine till we realize the holes were to small. So instead of searching for filers we went and got some sandpaper sand the design for 3 periods. Then we stayed after school and found some filers then we use the filers next thing you know the whole thing started to break and I was the one to blame even though It was the measurements that went wrong not b/c of me sanding too hard. So we had to ask for a reprint of the support and the vertical adjuster. This took forever b/c we have to wait for some scrubs to finish printing their design. But then Darren and Stefan stayed till 9 at the shop and finished printing and they made the holes to wide so they did some filling. The next day it doesn't fit still so we had to sand again it did not take long to make it go through. This is the part when I almost had a heart attack is when we had to fit the barrel in and we heard a crack I thought it was the wood but It wasn't it was just the fill but the support was not wide enough but somehow we made it to the center of balance which really surprised me. So now the cannon looks like a indented U almost like a triangle but not quite.

Kappa 5: The base that took 2 months Journey: During this time we had to create our base but I worked on the Arduino with Nick. We have been splitting up work and Myron doesn't do a thing. Darren and Stefan is working on the Base they were doing it mostly on the laser cutter and create box designs that we never use( this does fit on the cannon). Then we go in the back but our comp doesn't let us transfer our design to the big screen. Once we had our design down we were then put in a line and we were waiting for other groups so we did nothing that period. Then Mr. Twilley told Darren that his design is in need of editing due to the dog bones. So then we changed up the design. So we went to print but it was too small and then the design breaks and Darren blames it on me for breaking it because the design broke when he trying to fit it in and for the two periods me and nick were just sanding the failed support but we got the base down. So then two day's later we reprinted our design then two members of our group stayed after school to finish( Darren{assistance} and Stefan). Next class we finished by placing the cap back on and due to the weather we weren't able to fire that day so we waited till next class. This class we fired 3 at 28 degrees, 3 at 23 degrees, and three at 14 degrees. Then we had a competition to shoot the assistance( Darren). We scored 20 and won, but we never landed any shots on Darren here's some pictures.

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