Making something scary By Blair

Monster definition: The definition of a monster is a mythical creature that is supposed to be scary. Monsters in movies are either animated or fictional e.g. Monsters inc. A monster in movies are based around forests and in people's houses.
Design Breif: Our monster is original it has a lot of features that no other monster would have like a moving head and a buzzer. That's why our monster is awesome in many different ways I like it because it's unique and it has our faces built onto the monster.
Problems: We experienced little problems but not really any big ones. One of the problems was the glue because it's really tricky to use because of how sticky and hot it was. Another problem was that the roof wouldn't fit on properly both times we tried it and it took three attempts to make the roof sit properly on top of the base frame.
Im going to have a buzzer in my mouth that will make a sound when someone presses the button.
Jonathan is going to have his head rocking side to side using this little white piece from the little bits which makes it move.
Max is going to have EarPods that you can pull out of his mouth and listen to music or there might be a voice recording instead.
And Brodie is going to have a led light in his mouth that will do different stages the first stage will be flashing and the second stage will just be it working.
Our mind map shows all the different questions we thought of and put them under categories of can, do, how, where, who, does, what, will and is are the categories we put all the questions under.
How heavy is it How exciting is it Is it useful How many heads does it have what are its functions How many functions does it have Is it water proof Is it high tech Is it safe is it harmful Does it have a personality Who made it Does it have hair What does it do can it drive how many touches does it have Is it fireproof Is it durable Does it have wheels How high is it How wide is it How big is it How many heads does it have Does it move How does it move What gender is it What noise does it make Can it climb How fast What is it made of What's it favourite colour What does it eat What does it drink What does he do Can he fly How many legs does it have How many faces Does it have legs How many eyes What can he say Does he speak Can it rotate How fast does the fan rotate How many streamers does it have What minerals is it made of Can you eat it Can you drink it What is its habitat Where did it come from How are the wires going to connect How are we going to make How long is it going to take to make How many parts does it have What are we going to call it Is it controllable Can it be effected by wheather Is it effected by wind can it go on grass Can it turn Can techrax destroy it Can drive through grass Will it look good What's the radius of each wheel How many eyes in total What music does the phone play Will it break Where do we store it Can he reproduce over robots Does he have arms Is the paper coloured What's sticking it all together Do we have to destroy it at the end Are we actually going to show this to Steven Spielberg How is it powered How is it operated How is it a monster Will the whole monster operate from one power source Is it drop resistant Will it over heat Will it freeze

This is our paper prototype design of our monster robot this isn't the best prototype we did but we have another prototype using Lego which shows more of the features

This is our base frame for the monster we will have all the electronics stored inside this is going to sit on top of the Lego wheels. The electronics stored inside here will be the little bits because the Lego mindstorm box doesn't fit inside our frame.

Features: Our monster has many different features in our faces shown we each have something interactive with our faces the most interactive feature would be the buzzer because you press the button in my mouth for it to work.
Materials: The materials used were easy to get because the school had most of the materials. The materials were paddle pop sticks, glue, little bits- buzzer-light-spinner head feature, earpods, music player and our printed out faces.
Our monster is really scary but we still class it as a monster. It may not be scary, look scary or act scary but it's still a monster.
The next two features include an led light and a buzzer. The buzzer is controlled by pushing the button and the light just stays on until we switch it off.

Our monster is going to be made out of paddle pop sticks for the frame and little bits as the electrical side of the monster. Also to make our monster move we use Lego and the electronics but we have to drag the cords at the back because it doesn't fit inside the base frame.

We used maths because of the counting of pieces and we used engineering for finding the angles of the structure and the technical electrics and we used scientific knowledge to find what we need, how much we need and how to get what we need.

This is the first feature we added the head moves side to side.

Reflection: when I reflect on this project I always thing of what ways we could improve our design because it's not the best and easiest design to make. When we were designing what to make we all thought of different features but we used the ones that were easiest to get including buzzer and light from the little bits.
By Blair Szavay


By Blair

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