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Etiology Lesson II: BACTERIA

Bacteria can be diagnosed when you have a runny nose, cough, low-grade, and difficulty sleeping.

Bacteria can become resistance to the antibiotics if they are not taken correctly.

Bacteria is responsible for all our diseases.

There are about trillions of bacteria around us every day.

Etiology Lesson IV: CANCER

All cancers are a result of different DNA that changes the behavior of developed discerning of the effected cells.

Cancer can be caused by:

  • Radiation to sunlight
  • Inhaling or swallowing of chemicals,
  • and even tanning beds.

A tumor can be spread by breaking off the primary tumor and moving threw the body to create more tumors it lands to create a new tumor and eventually dies.

Chemotherapy and radiation can be two ways to treat cancer.

Type I and Type II Diabetes

There are two types of diabetes type I is rare, and type II is common. Type I is more dangerous than type II both can be inherited.

An insulin shot can help with both types of diabetes.

The eyes, heart, kidneys, nerves, can be damaged if the blood sugar is too high.

Type II diabetes affect older adults, and type I affects children.

Autopsy: Murder Mystery Part 2

When performing autopsy the first thing they check are the victims chest, fingers, shoulders, legs, and elbows for any evidence.

They open up the organs to see the food digested. They look at what the victim has eaten because it also helps with clues.

When preforming autopsy they always weigh the average of the organs.

They make a y-incision on the victim to check the inside of the human body.


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