Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office The Detail Newsletter - July 2020


Sheriff's office launches new Mounted Patrol Unit with adult and teen volunteers

The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office Mounted Patrol Unit is trotting again after a 30 year hiatus and it's not just deputies who are part of the pack. Community members as young as 16-years-old are volunteering to help deputies patrol the parks and trails of Arapahoe County and Centennial.

“In light of recent events, it’s more important than ever for law enforcement agencies to form partnerships with their community,” said Lt. Rich Anselmi. “Our mounted unit does this by having citizens as young as 16-years-old out patrolling with the deputies.”
Clare, 16, is one of five teenage volunteers on the Mounted Patrol Unit

The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office is one of the only law enforcement agencies in the country to involve teens in it's mounted patrol program. It did so, because, much like an explorer program, it allows teens to become involved in law enforcement and service to their community while creating a bridge between the sheriff’s office and younger members of the community.

Teenage volunteers train at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds for the Mounted Patrol Unit

After nearly 30 years without a Mounted Unit, the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office restarted the unit in June 2020 and is ready for the unpredictable. The unit will serve the community in the capacities of community outreach, search and rescue, and routine patrol to stay in tune with our community and the needs of our citizens.

Citizen Volunteer Heidi Graham receives her certificate from horse trainer Sergeant Joe Cummings of the Parker Police Department
“This is great with the sheriff’s office as a community outreach,” said Deputy Kochaneic, who is an instructor and has been trying to start up the unit for several years. “It’s so powerful, especially with the kids, but it is just amazing what a horse can do for the relationship between police officers and citizens.”
Deputy Mary Lou Kochaniec salutes mounted patrol trainer Sergeant Joe Cummings

Meet the deputies and their horses

Top Row: Lieutenant Rich Anselmi & Benelli, Deputy Mary Lou Kochaniec & Tootsie. Bottom Row: Deputy John Klarin & Rusty, Deputy Michelle Moore & Savannah

Watch the mounted patrol unit in action!


Deputy riders date back to 1858

ACSO Mounted Posse, 1961

Since the inception of the Sheriff’s Office, horses were an integral part of our operations for most of our history. Upon his appointment, first Sheriff Edward W. Wynkoop rode a horse from Lecompton, Kansas to the campsite that is now Denver in the fall of 1858. Prior to the widespread use of automobiles, horses and horse drawn vehicles were the exclusive transportation for the Sheriff and Deputies.

ACSO Mounted Posse member, 1960

The Sheriff’s Office maintained a Mounted Posse of reserve deputies through the early 1980s. Read more about why it was disbanded.

Then, under the new administration of Sheriff Tyler Brown, the program was re-established and expanded to include citizen and teen volunteers. The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office now joins many other law enforcement agencies across the front range who maintain Mounted Units.


In the wake of the George Floyd killing by a Minneapolis police officer, Arapahoe County Sheriff Tyler Brown and Captain Jared Rowlison spoke at a virtual Centennial City Council meeting on June 22 to address law enforcement concerns by the public and city leaders.

The meeting was held via video conference with Centennial council members and the mayor. Audience members could watch or listen live. The questions centered around how deputies are authorized to use force and how SB217, Colorado's new police accountability law, will affect our agency's current policies and procedures. To watch the streaming video of the meeting, just click the button below.

The event provided an opportunity for council to engage with the sheriff and his staff about how law enforcement policies are applied in Centennial. To read our polices on training, use of force and body worn cameras, click the button below. In the interest of transparency and continuing to build community trust, we are providing that information to the community. It's now easily accessible on our website.

Listen as Sheriff Brown discusses SB217 with 18th Judicial District Attorney George Brachler on 710KNUS radio.


Despite the recent negative media coverage of law enforcement officers, we know our deputies often go above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis. They devote their lives to the communities they serve. So please, don't let yourself be swayed by negative media stories. The positive and uplifting comments below which we recently received from residents in our community, shows that our deputies are heroes in the eyes of many.


Our deputies were out on patrol when they saw a citizen struggling to change a flat tire on his daughter's car. The man wasn't sure what to do and didn't have the proper tools, so deputies Horinga and Bulusan jumped in to help. They got the car up and running and his daughter got home safely.
After detaining two suspects, Deputy Kurzinger was asked by the owners to hold on to their pup until animal control could get there. So, he kept the dog comfortable and safe. It isn't hard to spot our deputies who are dog lovers!

Lunch is on us!

A local business feeds our staff

We are so humbled and grateful for all the love from the community these past few weeks. A huge THANK YOU to Global Construction, LLC in Centennial for donating 100 meals to our deputies and civilian employees on June 17. The commercial construction company said they simply wanted to do something nice for local law enforcement. Wow!

Plus a shout out to Crock Spot, LLC Food Truck for preparing the wonderful meals of slow-cooked beef and chicken bowls. We are proud to serve this community and we appreciate our citizens so much.

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Texas state trooper secretly pays for woman's tires

As we mentioned earlier, these last few weeks have not been easy for law enforcement. Much of what has been seen and heard in the news has been negative. We're sharing this story because it's about one of our brothers in blue in Texas, and shows the humanity and the goodness of what we do. We hope you'll watch the story below.

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