Tremendous Content Review 01-02 -- 01-08

Here's this week's Content Review! On time! With the holidays over I'm getting back on schedule, which is awesome! Here's what the content team put out over the past 7 days!

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. Due to random chance... I, LORD TREMENDOUS, start us off this week with my usual brand of T9A goodness!

Genephelps (Wargaming from the Balcony) comes this week with a bunch of great content, as always! Check these guys out!

Blonde Beer (The Orange Road) is up next and has some great content. Model reviews and a home brewed Army review are just the tip of the iceberg. Go check his stuff out!

Henrypmiller of AMMERTIME brings us a new installment of Tales of Many Gamers! Its a great installment and some beautiful models are involved. Why are you still reading this? Go jump on his Podcast!


AMMERTIME also brings us a new homebrew army list review. It's actually a very cool take on the Kislev.

Finally, Henrypmiller brings us another episode of How to Hobby! I found this installment to be VERY cool!

Your you tuber buddy and mine is up next! SkaveninAZ brings us some deep thoughts and sinister battle reports this week! In his usual whispering tones. Watch and enjoy!

Ahol (Mr.Axhol) has no less than 2 Big Tournaments coming up and he tells us all about them this week! I actually really enjoyed his content! You will too!

Action Shots!

Rasmus7814 is up next with a superb battle report! In it the Saurian Ancients go up against some Burny Dwarves in one heck of a fight! Its definitely worth a watch!

One of our newest Content Team members Dark Wizard (DARK WIZARD GAMING), brings us some great content this week. These are very entertaining reports and I'm becoming a bit addicted to his stuff!

The Godfather is up next! SHOW SOME RESPECT! Oncebitten360 brings us a great video on the rules for reform, and how to properly execute one. Watch it, learn it, DO IT!

Petterwass brings us a very detailed and entertaining battle report with some great pictures accompanying it. 100% worth the read!

Observe the Petterwass!

Extol brings us an intense battle report this week of the Sylvan Elves taking on the Undying Dynasty. I loved this report! You will too!

2D Sick

2D Sick brings a very interesting bit of content this week. He brings us not a video, or a report, but a very good story. The Tale of Peutrifectus Ravenblight. Shockingly good!


And that's it for the Content Review this week! Hope you guys and gals enjoyed it as much as I did! Be sure to check in next week for all the new content the team put out! I wouldn't want you to miss anything! Thanks!

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