Maths Curriculum HCPS

Intent: HCPS Maths Year on a Page and the National Curriculum

At HCPS, we endeavour to teach Maths so children are taught to apply their knowledge and skills to a range of practical, real life contexts, to ensure their learning is both purposeful and meaningful. Skills are linked and taught together to maximise teaching and learning time to give context to learning.

Our teaching is based on the recommended National Curriculum, which has been personalised to meet the needs of our learners. 'Maths Year on a Page' has been developed for each individual year group to ensure pace and progression within skills throughout school. Sitting behind these are our 'Curriculum Guides', which aim to support key subject knowledge, address common misconceptions as well as make links with other maths concepts to support an integrated approach.

Implementation: Accelerated Learning Cycle

The Accelerated Learning Cycle, based on the work of Alastair Smith, is applied in all lessons. It stems from the idea of a supportive and challenging learning environment. Implementation of accelerated learning, supported by EEF metacognition research, has ensured the pace of learning is appropriate and has enabled pupils to secure rapid and sustained progress which has improved outcomes and standards within each lesson.

Within maths sessions differentiation is effective through the use of progressive opportunities. Children are provided with the chance to move through carefully selected tasks starting at the level most appropriate to their starting point; aiming to support pupils take ownerships of their learning and develop independence.

Impact: Summative & Formative Assessment

Formative assessment is ongoing throughout each lesson. It judges progress and enables the teacher to make flexible adaptations to their planning and improve individual's learning.

Effective formative assessment, marking and feedback and adult interaction within lessons is firmly embedded into our approach when teaching maths. All pupils are supported to develop, progress and move their learning forward through support, questioning and feedback. Pupils demonstrate the impact this has on improving their learning through editing and written responses.

The use of clear learning objectives and success criteria enables pupils to understand their learning and become self-regulated learners who aspire to reach to their full potential. The use of Achieve, Challenge and Aspire success criteria allows children to self assess their learning independently during lessons. Both pupils and teachers refer to this success criteria throughout lessons when they are assessing the progress they have made.

Maths is assessed by teachers who use the HCAT trackers to allocate a level and next steps for each pupil. Moderation occurs within school to ensure moderation is carried out correctly and teachers also participate in Cross Trust and Local Authority moderation.

Our Progressive Skills Curriculum
Example Y5 'Maths Year on a Page'
Example of a page from our Skills Progression planning document