Military Connected Students Jynelle, Lauren, and Makinzie

Objective: We will be knowledgeable about mobility, deployment, and traumatic experiences.

By another show of hands, who in this class has military connected students in their practicum classes?

Stand up for True or False

There are currently 2,000,000 students that are military connected.

True. Over 80% of these students are in k-12 grade

New educators may not be aware of social, emotional, and learning challenges specific to military connected students.

True. This includes teachers, counselors, paras, and principals. Some don’t know how to support or know which students are military connected

Not every school district in the country has military connected students.

False. Not every school district in the country has military connected students.

28% of military families choose to homeschool their children.

True. This is due to the inconsistencies in education during transition

Active duty families move every 5-6 years

False. Active duty families usually move more often and it is usually between 2-3 years. And children often experience 6 to 9 moves during their PK-12 school career

10-12% of military connected students are served in special education programs.

True. 1 in 88 children have autism

Policy Issue

Common Core

Special Needs

Make sure the IEPs are transfer in a timely manner. You can request from the school an official copy of the IEP when moving and transfer it to the new school.

Panel of Military Connected

Cards to Students


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