4A5ArmaniBravo-Hassan how I came to AMERICA

My name is Xander McCormickl I came from Ellis Island and I rode on a bout got to America I came from Italy . Was 12 and when I got there and I bough a mansion and I live in Los Angeles and . Now I am a movie star in Hollywood and I have a bogatey and a Gtr car. People say always ask me where I came from . And I live in a mansion and I am a in a movie airplane mode.Me and my mom moved to LA and we have a happy life.And when I was on the boat for my birth day on the boat . I was so sad and . Me and my mother had a party for me when we got home.And me and my mom were . I hope you liked it. Thank you.

Italy is where is I lived.

1. The statue of liberty stands on a broken chain to simbleise freedom.

2. It is made of copper.

3. It has 7 spikes for the 7 comtanets.

4. the statue of liberty was a gift from France.

1 I liked the video on it.

2 The video was informational to me.

3.There were some things I did not know

Sources Ellis Island Interactive Tour, brainpopjr statue of Liberty , Google Images.


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