Inspiring Success Confidence & Hope EDW's Unit in Action 2015 - 2017

Leadership for Learning: Creating opportunities for school leaders to systematically assess and address challenges that impede student achievement and well being while working collaboratively with the school community

Teaching & Learning: Overseeing the work to ensure that school, board and ministry goals are aligned and coherent, equitable and realistic.

High Expectations for Student Achievement

First introduced to the unit in October 2014 allowing schools multiple entry points to access systematic approaches to collecting and assessing data, identifying GAN, creating collaborative school environments that are open to recognize and address challenges of practice .

Talking about data is not enough. Working through a framework that structures the conversations about data allow admin teams and teachers to look at data differently.

Structure reduces teachers from feeling vulnerable and isolated when determining why results are not as strong as one might hope.

Introducing the Growth Mindset was an "easy" jumping in point for staff and a safe way for many schools to ease into Engage Math.

Being mindful of the "other": Assistive technology, Islamaphobia, We Rise Together, - Leaders taken through case study approach in responding to the concerns of those categorized as "other"

Fall of 2016 - Introduced a Revised Coaching Model for Schools

Are we making progress?

Our Unit is actively working to meet the Board's Goals

Engage Math initiatives ask students to ask questions and explore the world around them by understanding how an understanding of mathematical concepts can help provide answers.

Worms have led to wonder and captured the imagination of our youngest students!

The relationship between mathematical concepts and primary research has these middle school students fully engaged.

Partnerships with Cruiser Sports, Peel Police, and the administration have allowed for opportunities to to integrate our students with special needs to level the playing field with able bodied students through sport. A humbling experience!

Investments in flexible, collaborative learning spaces has allowed for greater opportunities for kids to create and engage with 21st Century tools in new and exciting ways.

Work in Engagemath allows students to articulate their learning journey

How are Resources Utilized?

Dr. Jean Clinton reminds our staff how important strong relationships can be in providing beacons for kids with mental health challenges.

We also have partnered with Peel Public Health to help address the need to create a healthy, active learning environment.

My iCoaches meet with me monthly, and together we co-construct strategies that allow for greater penetration of effective strategies for engaging teachers and in turn students!

My admin team respond very well to messages that are inspirational in nature. I supported admin teams who used this documentary to challenge conventional thinking among teachers and support staff.

We have been inspired by research examining the Finish school system

Formal School Visits!

See OneNote - Kenollie P. S.

My Learning

The end

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