Dogs 101 Man's best friend.


One of the world's most lovable and funniest dogs. Charlie Brown's dog, Snoopy was a beagle.


Baby pugs are called Puglets. "Pugs were bred to have those funny wrinkles on their face".


For such a cute little dog, the Shih-Tzu is surprisingly strong and ShihTzu means "lion" in Chinese.


"Dalmatian are the only breed covered in spots,but they don't have them when they're first born".

French Bull Dog

"French Bull Dog are one of the loudest snoring dogs in the world"' I had one French Bull dog.


Not all dogs are allergic to chocolate and they can save your life.

I LOVE DOGS. I have 1 dog myself. All dogs come in many shapes and sizes.


Created with images by sevenpixx - "dog garden terrier" • DR Ranch - "Maggie the Beagle" • Unsplash - "pug dog outdoors" • gurdonark - "Paco, Shih Tzu Dog" • Mark Berbezier - "Daisy Dalmatian" • tanakawho - "Buruco 2" • crestedcrazy - "My creation" • Island Way Photography - "Cute Dog"

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