Racing in the Rain Cody Beck

"I think it will be good for me; it will make me stronger" (61)

You get stronger in the times you are left to do things by yourself. Just like the way birds learn to fly, they get pushed out of the nest when they are old enough and let instinct kick in. Then they flap their wings and begin there journey into life.

"It wasn't anybody's fault, it was mine for being where I could let it happen." (75)

When you put yourself into a situation it's your fault for whatever the outcome may be. Whatever events happen are based off your first choice and so on.

"You can't have custody of Zoƫ" (147)

You have to fight for what you want and for what is yours. If you let someone else have it then you have given up and lost the battle and frankly don't deserve to have it if you gave up so easy.

"Your car goes where your eyes go. Simply another way of saying you make your own destiny" (68)

We choose our own fate, based off what we do we can choose the outcome, by working hard we can accomplish our goals and achieve greatness in whatever you choose to be great in. You set your eye on the target and you go for it.

"Because as much as each incident is similar, it is different." (79)

Everyone is different and everything is different. We are beautiful in our own unique way as well as each event is. Even by the smallest detail it's different.


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