Buenos Aires World Cup 2026 By Brett heatwole

The downtown is a crowd pleaser, with so much color and great shops it's a great place to host the World Cup! Not many other downtowns can support such a strong argument.
A very, very modern city everyone is going to love!
Rio already hosted the World Cup in 2016, it doesn't need to host it again.
Do you want the middle of the city poor and impoverished? Sao Paulo should be a no go.
Venezuela's government can't keep it's own peoples and cities safe, how will they keep tourists safe as well?
The reason for no modernization is communism, do we want the World Cup in a place that isn't able to support any influx of people?
With the dangerous fog looming will everyone have to wear a mask to watch soccer?
Do you see many places for a large stadium near all the hotels and plazas? I didn't think so.
There doesn't seem to be a set downtown area, which means stadiums would probably be spread out very far from each other making trips to them very difficult.
Created By
Brett Heatwole


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