Good Life Performance By: Justin Lane

The Spatial Experience

Walking into the Constans Theater inside the J. Wayne Reitz Union for the good life performance my first thought was how welcoming the feeling of being in the theater was. My seat location for the play couldn't have been better as it provided me with a great view and the noise level of the play was perfect. The seat location definitely enhanced my overall experience at the performance. When the lights dimmed and audience quieted down, the anticipation of the play starting was killing me. The size of the auditorium made me appreciate the play more and more because I realized that others were just as excited for the performance. The setting authenticates the play greatly as part of reaching the good life is to have a comfortable experience.

The Social Experience

I attended the Good Life performance with two of my friends named Ray and Fabian. Going to the play with them enhanced my overall experience because we were able to share our thoughts about it after the play was over. It was interesting to see if the play had the same effect on my peers as it had on me. Shared experiences is important for the good life because it allows us to create memories that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

This story takes place in the early 1900s in Quebec City, Canada where the central issue of this story is economically oppressed versus the elite of society. Before attending this performance, I wasn't too familiar with the social ranks of society but after witnessing it as the major theme of the performance it definitely made me more interested in the topic. This performance made me realize that at times differences in social ranks of society can be a really large obstacle that some families have to overcome. Another common theme discussed in the talk back session of the performance was the idea of truth, circumstance, and censorship. I feel like I fall somewhere in the middle of the social ranks of society so I don't think that my experience has very close ties to this play.

The Emotional Experience

I would definitely agree that the Good Life Performance provided us with a great opportunity for katharsis. Being presented with topics that are socially uncomfortable in theatre is important in life because it enables us to discover what are real problems are in life and how to respond to something challenging. The play provides us with a good example of someone responding to a tough challenge in order to find and resolve their issues to eventually reach that point in the Good Life that you want to be at.

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