Should the salaries between male and female athletes be equal? Lashea Johnson: Period 7

The difference between male and female athletes’ salaries has been discussed multiple times in the past and in the present. Although their salaries are pretty high, there is a great difference between the amount. While male athletes have their salaries beginning at one million dollars, female athletes’ salaries begin at fifty-thousand dollars. The two genders play the same sports, so why are they being paid different amounts of money? The salaries of both male and female athletes should be equal to show equality.

Female athletes perform the same or very similar sports as male athletes, so shouldn’t the salaries between both genders be equal? According to studies, a WNBA player’s average salary is $72,000. On the other hand, an NBA player’s average salary is $4,500,000; that is 62.5 times larger than an average WNBA player’s salary.

Many say that female athletes don't have enough sponsors. That may be true, but there is more to it. In general, women are paid less than men; women are being paid eighty cents for every dollar men make. This is an example of discrimination; the same goes for professional female athletes. Female athletes are being discriminated just because of their gender; this is no way to demonstrate that everyone is equal in society.

Many disagree about female athletes getting the same pay as the male athletes. Some say that the women should start appreciating that they are playing professionally. Others say that they simply don't pull a crowd and they are not competitive. Think about it this way; female athletes would be more "competitive" if they would be paid the same amount as the men for playing the same sports. Not being paid equally, for playing the sports men play, give them less incentive to push themselves and discourages future female athletes.

Female athletes being paid less than male athletes exemplifies discrimination. They play the same sports, and they still are not being paid equally. Women in general should be paid equally as men because they are performing the same tasks as each other. In the future, there is a need of change to demonstrate equality for all people in society.

Creative Writing Piece #1

  1. Sports
  2. Male, female
  3. Dunking, Scoring, Winning
  4. Yet one is still not as good as the other.
  5. Unequal.

Creative Writing Piece #2

  • Amazingly athletic
  • Tackles any obstacle, big or small
  • Heartens everyone to try something new
  • Ladies who don't care about what others think
  • Encouraged to make a change
  • True inspirations
  • Executes the same sports as male athletes
  • Salaries are significantly small compared to the men
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