Store Survey By: Kelly Tracey

Research topic

My research is about what stores students at Monroe Jr High school shop at. I chose this topic because I was wondering what stores teens shop at to get a good idea of it.

The purpose

The purpose of my research is to find out the most popular stores teens shop at, so my question for my research is, "What stores do Teens at Monroe Jr High school shop at?"

Sample group info

My sample group was made up of nine people. My teacher picked the group by a random generator. The group was made up of both boys and girls along with seventh and eighth graders.



Some of my expectations was to get nine responses. The answer of what grade you are in I knew I was only going to get 7-8.

What grade are you in?

Surprising results

Some of the surprising findings I found was that not many people shop at thrift stores.

Thrift stores

What I found out

I found out that Monroe Jr High students like the same stores as each other. This is the table I came up with then the survey.

What I would change

What I would add or change in my survey is I would open up the survey to more teens than just the Monroe Jr High along with many more schools. I would also allow more advice into the survey.


In conclusion I found out the total opposite of what I thought. I found out that teens like to shop at Victoria Secret, Which was no shocker.

Any Questions?


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