Sand Creek Massacre By sonia, maddie and Natlie

On November 29, 1864 a small Massacre occurred between the Cheyenne Indians and the Colorado Militia. The Cheyenne Indians were attacked as a result of government treaties forcing Native Americans to give up their land. Many Indians attacked Americans around the area so the U.S. embarked. John M. Chivington led the Colorado Militia in this Massacre. This Massacre had a part in starting the era of the Indian War.

John M. Chivington

ABOUT CHIVINGTON He was born in Lebanon, Ohio in 1821. He was a Methodist preacher, as well as a freeman. John M. Chivington was a commander of a group of civil war soldiers. After the attack, him and his men were not charged for this terrible attack.

Pictures of Sand Creek Massacre

U.S. - 24 killed , 52 wounded / Indians- 163 killed

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