overthinking all stories have an ending !

Change the way you see things

⦾ In order to change your perspective (change the way you see things) you need too lower your stress levels. ⦾ You can do this by getting a better understanding of the event/events or change the way you see things. ⦾ For example some people will look at this picture and say that it's going to rain, however others may look on the bright side and say it will be sunny soon. You need to look at it in a different way, maybe from the other persons view point, ⦾ Or you can simply distract yourself, find something you enjoy, for instance a sport, go to a club or a group every week or even playing video games, try anything that will get your mind of your problem

Distract yourself

☀ You need to distract yourself from the problem, first of all try not to think of the issue.

☀ Try to name places for instance learn all the states of America or learn capital cities of different countries.

☀ Talk with other people or go to youth clubs

☂ Make sure you don't argue with your friends. Try going to the cinema or watching movies with or play your video games with them

☂ Try to Listen to different types music

☂ Have a go at reading new books or different magazines ar a newspaper everyday

☁ Think of something you are grateful for or something you are looking forward to

☁ Remember something good that happened to you ( there must be something it can be anything you want).

Do anything that will keep your mind of the problem

Hold back your anger
Angry,sad,happy,excited. Your journey.

🐩 You need to reduce your anger one way or another.

♠ Firstly you can sit down and do nothing but think about the problem

♣ Secondly If you feel your anger growing, go for a quick walk or run, or spend some time doing other enjoyable activities

♦ Think of anything good that has happened to you because of the problem

♥ Change the scene, change what happened

◘ Read other peoples stories about overthinking, see how they came over their problem !

◕ Maybe the other person meant to do good ?

It is very important to stay close with your friends because they will always be there for you.

☟ Your friends are there to help you through the problems that you face so make sure you do not push them away.

☟Make sure you talk about their lives not just about yours.

☞ Keep your conversations light, don't go into too much detail

☜ Make sure you have fun whenever you can

☛ Remember the enjoyable moments you have had together

☝Your friends will never leave you while you need help, so you shouldn't leave them while you need help


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