Using Adobe Spark Video with Spark Page

Adobe Spark Video is a great tool to display your knowledge using video, photos, visuals, music and your voice to tell a story. To use it, download the iOS app or access it using an internet browser on a computer.


Here are some samples from Adobe Spark's Inspiration Gallery.

Get Started:

After selecting "create a new story", give your video a title.

Choose a theme or start from scratch.

Make your first slide.

I chose to add a title for the first slide.

Media automatically saves...

Create a new slide:

The photo grid about shows us selecting an image and adding an icon on top.


Record your voice by holding the microphone icon.

You can record up to 30 seconds per slide.

If you load a video, you can use up to 30 seconds of the clip.

Use the trimmer to select up to 30 seconds that you would like to use on the slide.


There are a selection of slide layouts that you can choose.

  1. Fullscreen + thing
  2. One thing
  3. Thing + caption
  4. Two things

If you select "Two things", you can flip your two things with the "reverse" icon.

Wrapping up your project:

Choose a theme that works for your project.

Pick a song that works for your project.

Adjust the volume of your background music to make sure you can hear any speaking that you do.

Save your image to your device or straight to social media.

Copying your link to your clipboard is another option for sending your project to an instructor, peer or client.

Choose a category and add any credits that are needed. Any media that you selected from the Creative Commons will automatically populate there.


Watch the video:

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