They say that things often happen for a reason, so when a 3-year old ARIA stumbled over the TV controls in her Ottawa home, taking the channel to MTV playing Britney Spears, Hit Me Baby One More Time, her destiny was sealed.

“My parents tell me I was transfixed by her dance moves and would constantly be burbling the song. This was my first introduction to Pop music which has played a huge part in my life ever since.” ARIA

Singing from then on, ARIA then began learning the piano at the age of 6 followed shortly after with the guitar and vocal lessons, contributing to her establishing herself at school as a notable performer.

“I would look for any reason to perform, whether it be choirs, concerts or talent shows at school, filming myself alone singing and dancing, even performing with dancers in Cuba when I was on vacation. I was determined to be noticed!” ARIA

In 2010 ARIA auditioned for an acting/singing academy and after being accepted spent the summer being trained by professionals in the business. The skills and opportunities presented to her at the academy opened the door in later years to successful auditions for The Virtual Next Star in Canada reaching the top 6, Talent Nation in Ottawa where she was a finalist, and even performing alongside rock band Foreigner at BluesFest with her high school choir.

ARIA at Talent Nation aged 17 and below performing on stage with rock band Foreigner with her high school choir (from the 1hr 1min mark)

After graduating high school ARIA took on a number of part-time jobs to help fund her music career which included working at a children’s fun park and in a pizza shop too. Disillusioned by the lack of music opportunities available for her in Ottawa, it was while working in the pizza shop that fate took a positive turn for ARIA when she overheard a customer discussing his music studio work over the phone. The customer in question was music producer and multi-instrumentalist Norm Sabourin.

“I was visiting friends in Ottawa and was recommended to try their local pizza shop. Next thing I know, my phone conversation is being interrupted by this pizza girl who is more interested in talking to me about her music instead of taking my pizza orders.” Norm Sabourin
Music producer and multi-instrumentalist Norm Sabourin
“I remember over-hearing this customer talking on his phone about some improvements needed on a music track. I recognized some of the technical jargon he was using in his conversation as I had spent the last few years studying music production. I don’t remember what pizza he ordered but I do remember talking to him about my music. He gave me his card which had on details about Aqua Sound Entertainment in Toronto.” ARIA

Upon sending Norm Sabourin her demo material, ARIA took it on herself to not let this potential break in her career drop. Hitting Norm with a barrage of emails and phone calls every day to see if he had listened to her music, ARIA’s perseverance eventually paid off.

“So, I arrive back a week later to Toronto to be welcomed with a load of emails and voicemails on my studio line by someone called ARIA to see if I had listened to her music yet. I couldn’t help but admire her persistence so I pressed play on her demo…..” Norm Sabourin

After listening to ARIA’s demos, Norm Sabourin instantly recognised something special in her sound and arranged a Skype meeting to discuss and share music ideas. Appearing to be on a similar wavelength to each other, ARIA was invited with her parents to Toronto to meet Norm at his studios. A couple of sessions later, Norm offered ARIA a multi year recording contract with his independent label Aqua Sound Entertainment.

"Once signed, I put her through a rigorous training program on piano, guitar, and vocals, as well as a physical training program to increase her strength and stamina and to get her ready for a challenging and highly competitive career in the music business". Norm Sabourin

After 2 years of Skype calls and travelling back and forth from Ottawa to Toronto, ARIA made the bold and brave decision with her parents blessing to move to Toronto and pursue her music career full-time with Norm and the Team at Aqua Sound Entertainment.

“Ottawa is a great place to live and will always be my home, but it lacked opportunities to fulfil my music aspirations. Toronto has produced many great artists and the studios there have worked with some of the very best acts from around the world. For me, it was a no brainer to pursue my music career further in Toronto with Norm.” ARIA

Fast forward another 2 years to present day 2020, and ARIA now a fully accomplished musician, with four tracks released which to date have collectively amassed over 200,000 plays on Spotify purely by word of mouth, Norm set to work on putting another piece of the jigsaw together and began searching for a promoter.

“I had heard on the grapevine about a guy in London, England called Rob Saunders who was making huge inroads on the music scene with his innovative way of promoting independent acts through his company DEUCE so I reached out to him on social media.” Norm Sabourin
Rob Saunders from DEUCE pictured with one of his artists in London, England.
“I remember receiving an email from Norm raving about how great this new singer he found is and urging me to listen to her material. It’s quite common for me to read this kind of thing from bands and artists, but as this was coming from a reputable music producer instead, I decided to prioritise the listen.” Rob Saunders from DEUCE

With Rob Saunders from DEUCE now on the team promoting ARIA’s material to radio after being impressed by the high quality of her material and the image she portrayed, expect to hear ARIA in your household soon!

“It has been a challenge juggling studio time around part-time jobs the past 4 years. There are days that we are working in the studio until 3am and then I had to get ready for work 3 hours later. It feels all worthwhile now I can see the results of my labour and I am really looking forward to my music being heard” ARIA

As well as music, ARIA is a supporter of animal rights and has been a vegetarian from the age of 12 and vegan since she was 18. She also speaks fluent Persian and has studied French and Spanish too. ARIA also enjoys boxing, yoga, spending time with her dog, creating new vegan dishes and working out.