Hive By jaydeN

The name 'Hive' represents a team. It is like a bee hive where all the bees work together. Us as a team are like a hive of bees, that will work together

This is an example of a flowchart

My flowchart explains my idea of the game. I've decided that this game is going to have different levels, in different environments and with different characters to defeat. You would be able to choose if your character that you will play with would be a boy or a girl. You will have a choice to play an easy, normal, hard, or extreme level. Every level that goes by gets harder and harder. When the game starts you would find a weapon of some sort and would be able to use it to defeat the target or the guards. When you defeat the target you will make it to the next level. The guards would be animals (AI), that try to protect the target from you. Some of the targets would be leaning on a fence that is in the edge of a cliff. You would have a choice that would be to attack them with your weapon, or you could push them off the edge (environmental). The aim of the game is to defeat all the targets in every level.

This is the idea of the character that you will be able to play. He/She walks on two legs and don't talk. This arctic fox can survive in a lot of different environments but he/she won't be able to stay very long in warm areas.

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