Society in Feudal Japan made by ian v.

Japan kept structure in society in many ways. The three most important ways they kept structure in my opinion is religion, their military system, and their feudal system.


Religion was one way that Japan kept structure in society. The Japanese saw religion as a very important part of their lives. One of Japan's main religions were Shinto. Shinto was the belief that there was a god, or Kami, in everything, animate and inanimate. The Japanese also believed in Zen Buddhism and Amida Buddhism. Zen Buddhism emphasizes the practice of self control and meditation. Amida Buddhism is the belief of the Buddhist Amida. Religion gave people guidelines to act upon since no one wants to betray their religion. With people being faithful less crime happened since people were following their belief.

A shrine to worship the Buddhist Amida


Another way Japan kept structure in society was their military. The military protected the innocent and their higher-ups. In the age of Feudal Japan the military was samurai. Samurai were highly respected and valued honor greatly. If a samurai is defeated in battle, they would rather kill themselves than to dishonor their lord. This system of military greatly helped with Japan keeping structure because the samurai kept people in order. Samurai were meant to protect, which made Japan a safer place.

A samurai


Another way Japan kept structure was their Feudal system. Everyone each had their own rank in society. People were born into their ranks and held a fan to represent their ranks. The fans weren't ordinary fans, they had a specific amount of folds to show one's rank. If you hold a fan of a different rank in public you can be punished, and if you had the intention to lie about your rank, you will be put to death. This system helped Japan because everyone knew their place in society. With everyone having a specific rank in society, Japan was a more organised civilization.

A fan to show one's rank


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