Boxing Weekend 2017 February 9-11

Boxing Weekend started off strong Thursday night. Pictured is a dazed fighter reassuring the referee of his consciousness after being hit with a series of devastating jabs during the early bouts Thursday evening.

Victorious Chi Phi fraternity fighter receiving congratulations from his brothers, after his first fight of the weekend. Representing your fraternity as a fighter can really gain respect amongst your brothers.

The tournament can even start rivalries within organizations, like that of this Sigma Phi Epsilon fighter trading stares with his opponent, and fraternity brother, as they begin their inter-fraternal brawl.

Even after months of training, boxing weekend will take everything you've got, like the pictured winded fighters tangling each other up to gain a much needed rest from swapping blows.

After it's all said and done, most would say they would do it again in a heartbeat. This exhausted group of champions smiling for pictures after a long weekend of boxing and an even longer semester of training, would have to agree.

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