Nurture...and get nurtured A Lenten Devotion for March 31, 2017

Fridays in Lent are for prayer practices. Perhaps we have been thinking of “nurture” in a one-way manner, thinking that nurturing others is the essence of Christianity. Indeed it is a huge part, but we actually have an orderly theology about this. An empty vessel cannot share the love of God with others, much less overflow with joy. We nurture others because we ourselves have been nurtured in the faith. We are nurtured by other followers. We are nurtured by the church. Foremost, we are nurtured by God.

Today’s prayer practice is to GO OUTSIDE and take in the beauty of nature. For me, that will be walking through the Refuge by my house. Wherever you go, TAKE NOTE of the way that nature nurtures nature. Trees give off leaves and twigs and needles which birds use for their nests. Sunshine enlivens the grass and flowers give nectar to the bees. We are all connected. And we suffer without this connection.

Walk, pray, count the nurtured relationships you find, thank God. Repeat as necessary.


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