Kevin is an experienced campaigner, strategist and leader in external affairs, innovative adult education and inclusive communications living in West Yorkshire.

With over two decades experience in not-for-profit sectors, he has experience of managing and delivering front line community development and engagement services, leading external affairs and communications for large and small organisations and for providing project management, research advice and consultancy services to the adult education and education technology sectors.

A qualified journalist and published writer, he has scripted, directed and produced short documentaries for videos shown in the European Parliament. He has commissioned award winning digital content, spoken on key policy issues at national forums and managed communications, including crisis communications, for large organisations and national charities.

Kevin stands up for change by getting involved; he is a long service school governance chair, a trustee and director of local organisations and has been involved in Green politics for a number of years.


Kevin works strategically and directly to deliver campaigns that influence change.

He has campaigned around environmental, animal and social justice issues, equalities, progressive politics, adult education and autism awareness, sometimes fronting and sometimes leading behind the scenes on high profile and effective campaigns.

Getting things done isn't always about making lots of noise, it's about planning and leading effectively.

Kevin has been a primary governor for six years, latterly as chair, a director of a not-for-profit community building and a Trustee of several local charities. He was previously a regional representative for several national campaign groups.

Kevin has been involved in progressive politics since he was a teenager. It has driven his passion for chage that means ecological justice; that is, world where social, environmental and spiritual needs are balanced. That means addressing issues as big as the climate crisis, poverty and division and as local as school and creative provision in the community.

With Ros Brown at Oxenhope Polling Station, 2015

Kevin has written on social justice issues for ELM magazine, Big Issue in the North and Bright Green. In 2015 and 2016 he contested the Worth Valley ward seat on Bradford Council on behalf of The Green Party.

Speak, write, communicate

Kevin has been a communicator for his entire career. He writes and speaks fluently and has regualrly written for European adult learning magazine ELM, for which he also produced two documentaries. He's also been published in a variety of post-16 education magazines, Bright Green, Big Issue in the North and has written a book on e-safety in adult education.

Kevin has been a keynote speaker for a number of high profile events, including Swarthmore Leeds Centenary (alongside then International Development Secretary Hilary Benn MP), Westminister Briefing and NIACE's Digital Programme Celebration. He has given video evidence to two All Party Parliamentary Groups and written evidence to a third.

Some of Kevin's published articles and his book

Video documentary shorts Kevin scripted and directed, first screened at the European parliament in 2016

Kevin doesn't just work at getting his own message across. He has years of experience working in communications for local government, small and large charities and in housing. He has achieved press coverage in local and national publications on radio and TV. He delivered media training for environmental charity BTCV (now TCV). He has built websites, e-learning and computer systems commercially.

As well as being able to roll up his sleeves and get the work done on most digital software and in traditional media environments, he has also lead communications for large organisations in complex political environments and, on a number of occasions, in high-profile crisis situations.

Getting the story means getting to know people, affecting change means talking to them, persuading and influencing. Kevin has a long history of networking at all levels from grassroots community forums to networking roundtables with senior government ministers. He has contributed evidence to three All Party Parliamentary Groups.

LEarn, develop, lead, improve

Kevin believes that change comes through learning, whether learning in school, work, in another facilitated environment or in our own, self-directed time.

Running a family learning class in 2004

He's seen the difference learning makes as a front line community learning development worker, qualified and accredited career advisor and youth worker in the Midlands. However, he has taken the lead in making that difference as a qualified adult teacher, planning and delivering innovative curricuclums in community digital literacy. Later, Kevin advised local authorities, colleges and universities across Yorkshire and Humber on learning technology and worked for international think tank Learning & Work Institute leading on digital learning projects. While there, he comissioned an award winning Maths App, helped develop a digital literacy curriculum and developed an online learning platform for use across Europe.

Kevin is a primary school governor, where he has overseen many changes and continues to push the school to develop its key ethos; that it is the student, their experience and what they take with them that really matters.

Like everything, learning needs to change and continually evolve. As well speaking on the subject of post-16 education innovation, Kevin continues to write about it in a variety of settings.

Planning the pan-European learning platform "AE-Pro" with Gina Ebner, Secretary General for Adult Education and Sir Alan Tuckett, President of the International Council for Adult Education in Brussels in 2014

Watch Kevin speaking on Kolb's theory and the future of the classroom in 2012

Presenting a Europe-wide remote learning session on Open Educational Resources from the garden in 2015 as part of the international OERUP! project

Kevin has always liked trying new things and taking strategic risks. His achievements include:

  • Developing his first website in 1995, which The Daily Telegraph (e-telegraph) called "a comprehensive and engaging site"
  • Helping develop and launch The Scout Association's first website in 1996
  • Appearing on ITV's CyberCafe to discuss online debating in 1997.
  • Co-writing the first social media communications and learning strategies as well as the e-safety strategies and e-learning plans for a number of major post-16 education providers.
  • Being the sole social media consultant to the panel that ratified Leeds Trininity University BA (Hons) in social media marketing in 2012.
  • Organising Moorcast, the first ever livestream from the Yorkshire moors, for Haworth Festival in 2012
Using a brand new 3G signal, a laptop and huge battery pack to broadcast Bronte performances from Top Withens in 2012

Kevin can be found on most social media platforms and has used them personally and prefoessionally since around 2006. He was previously a circuit-speaker on the use of social media in recruitment, local government and personal branding and delivered a seminar on the fundamentals of social media and SecondLife to Masters Marketing Students at The University of Leeds.

In 2010 Kevin co-organised LearnPod, the UK's largest post-16 education unconference, alongside Rob Wilmot, one of the founders of FreeServe. LearnPod was attended by over 150 delegates three years running and is credited for jumpstarting social media in many Yorkshire based colleges.

Kevin's work has taken across Europe. From 2012 - 2016 Kevin led the e-pedagogy and site developed for AE-Pro, a Europe wide learning platform for Erasmus+ adult education students. This was the first European education website to incorporate online live learning sessions and utilise Open Badges as a form of accreditation..

Demonstrating AE-Pro in Brussells, 2015
Presenting a European wide webinar in 2015

Ultimately, Kevin works to bring about change and bring people together; whether that's working with others to support people online during Covid-19, getting out and about in the wonderful Yorkshire scenary, volunteering at Haworth Village Hall during Haworth's annual steampunk festival, supporting local events or doing his day job in social housing, Kevin is committed to working hard to bring about a better world.

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