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i suppose it all began at the July 4th pouting i had with my family. I was fourteen years old and looking forward to a day with my family as we celebrated our nations birth. It was a hot humid day with little wind. I will never forget when my uncle offered me my first beer. i just swallowed my first of what would be many drinks.

I grew up in a small town in rural west Virginia i had no friends and i felt alone an my family didn't have so much money so began to work at 16. My first job was at burger king that was where i was drinking frequent at. I drank a few beers once a week after a few beers i felt light headed and relax for a short term of time. Not only did i began to drink by myself. My drinking increased to two or three times per week. Sometimes i would pass out from drinking to much. This went on for three years. When i turned 22, i looked in the mirror and couldn't imagine and couldn't recognize myself. Had i changed that much? I was much thinner then before. I had replaced my meals with alcohol. No longer did i cook home made breakfast instead i popped a can of beer and went to work. I noticed that skin turned a kind of yellow and my eyes weren't as white anymore.

I showed up to work drunk and served with staggered steps and with slurred speech. My boss called me into his office and asked joey are drunk? i shrugged my shoulders my boss fired me right on the spot my drinking problem became worse cause i would never stop. I started drinking the hard stuff my health began to get even worse i first noticed a pain on my right side each day it became worse by the minute so i decided to go to the doctors. The doctors said i have the early stage of cirrhosis in my liver i tired to quit drinking on my own but i couldn't

So i joined alcoholics anonymous (AA) there i felt supported by others, who went through similar things for the first i didn't feel alone since I've been drinking it affected my family in so many ways. I couldn't go to family events cause i was always drinking i found out i had cirrhosis in my liver its tragic i usually spent 40$ on beer every week. But i noticed lately I've been losing my memory in the mental symptoms the doctor was telling about i usually drink beer in my house or at the bar. Before i started drinking drinking beer i used to smoke cigarettes. One time i was driving home drunk the next thing i know i was pulled over by the cops and got a ticket my lesson for you young teens is to never to do drugs because it will change your life it sure changed mine!


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