Overwatch By: Gunnar Paedon

Overwatch is my favorite video game on my PS4. I like it because it has all of these different characters that have different moves. Every character has a super move. An example of a character is Soldier 76. His moves are sprinting, helix rockets, and his heal circle. First, he can sprint. Soldier 76 is the only person that can sprint out of the whole game. Next, he has helix rockets that are like rockets. Lastly, he has his heal circle that he can place down to heal him and his teammates. His super move is that he has a tactical visor which puts on, and anyone in his sights, he can shoot at.

Some of my favorite characters to play in Overwatch is Roadhog, Soldier 76, Gengi, Hanzo, Junkrat, Reaper, and Ana. Out of all of these characters one of my favorite is Roadhog because his moves are that he can hook people and drag them closer to me. Roadhog's hook is very good because if he pulls over people who don't have very high health, Roadhog can one shot them, with his scrap gun. His other move is that he can heal about 300 health. His super move is that he attaches other pieces to his scrap gun and it becomes a full auto machine gun.

Roadhog is in the top left corner.

Another one of my favorite characters is Reaper. Reaper was actually a human before he turned into a monster. Reaper's guns are very good because they are shotguns. So, they are very good at close range. His moves are that he can be invulnerable for a few seconds. His other move is that he can teleport from one place to another. His super is called Death Blossom. He starts to spin around and damages enemies close to him while he is spinning. Lastly, when someone gets eliminated, Reaper can get extra health from their soul.

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