Frederick Douglass-by Terry M. West reviewed 03/12/2017 by samantha olvera

'' I have worked for my people ever since. I am determined that slavery will end. I do not know if we will succeed. I am sure of only one thing . I came into this world as a slave. I shall leave it as a free man.''

Frederick Douglass's Life Story was a bestseller since its publication in 1845. The author describes his life journey as a slave from a Maryland plantation to his acclaimed flight to Massachusetts in 1838, where he became a fervent abolitionist and a Courageous defender of women's rights. Passionately written, often using the blow of biblical images, we find ourselves before one of the greatest exponents of so-called "slave narratives"; An impressive text not only because of its historical and testimonial value, but also because of its correct analysis of the relations between masters and slaves and their indisputable literary consistency


Frederick Douglass

His dream was that he wanted all people to be treated alike and that humanity be free like the wind.

Book review

This book reminds me of a movie
Called "freedom."

Douglass's recurrent motives are the pursuit of slaves; The treatment of slaves as property or a value of wealth; Freedom in the city in contrast to forced labor on rural plantations; Slavery as perversion of the Christian and others. He uses symbols such as sand paths, white ships (symbolizing the feeling of freedom), the Colombian speaker, etc.

- I recommend this book because it shows you a life lesson since he was a simple slave and he believes in himself and I can defend other people.


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