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Cyprus is located in the North Eastern Hemisphere and is a country of Asia

Being an island, Cyprus is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, but some countries close by include Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Isreal, Syria, and Turkey.


Cyprus has a small population at just 1.4 million making it 158th in the most populated country's. its capital, Nicosia, has a population of 200 thousand making it the largest city in Cyprus.


Cyprus is moderately crowded having a population density of 126 per square mile.

Cyprus has an average growth rate at 1.1%. Its fertility rate is 1.45 births per woman.


Cyprus is a mountainous country having 2 major mountain ranges, the Troodos and the Kyrenia. These mountains make Cyprus a popular tourist attraction.

The Troodos mountains cover most of the south and west territory of Cyprus, and the Kyrenia stretches along the northern coastline. The Kyrenia mountains are not as tall as the Troodos. Mountains, and the highest mountain is Cyprus is 8000 ft.

Although there is many mountains in Cyprus, most people live in the Mesaoria plain. This is where Nicosia, (shown in the picture) and there other large city's, Larnaca, Limassol, Famagusta, and Phaphos. These areas are urban while the mountainous regions are rural.

Cyprus is in the temperate zone, meaning it is has normal seasons. It has a winter, summer, spring, and fall. It is

Cyprus is also in the Tropic of Cancer.


Cyprus is a developed country because it has a high GDP at 30 billion dollars. It has a GDP per capita of 35,000 dollars and most of its people are not in risk of poverty.


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