Respiratory system Bree thieschafer

Body parts of the respiratory system

Trachea: The trachea carries air in and out of your lungs. A tube that goes to your mouth.

Bronchi: The bronchi is the main passage way into the lungs. The bronchi is in the middle of your lungs.

Lungs: The lungs move oxygen to many parts of the body. The lungs are a organs in your chest.

Alveoli: The alveoli is an air sack in the lungs. Alveoli is a sack in the middle of your lungs.

Diaphragm ( muscle): A muscle that helps you move your breath in and out of your body. Diaphragm is under your lungs.

Pharynx: Tubes that go down the stomach and lungs. It's the end of your trachea tube

Larynx (voice box): Vocal cords so you can talk. The middle of your trachea tube.

Oral cavity ( mouths): plays an important role in speech. The mouth.

Nasal cavity ( nose): space behind your nose.

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