Aquaculture Granite Technical Institute

"I like this class because you can choose the kind of fish that raise and if you don't have a pet at home, you can experience what it's like to have a pet." - GTI Student

Cool things you’ll do in this class:

• Make and maintain an aquatic ecosystem

• Design, build and maintain your own tank!

• Learn how to breed and maintain your fish

• Learn how to maintain the water for your fish

• Grow plants without soil

• Feed your fish with food that you’ve grown.

• Learn aquatic ecosystems in relationship to the environment

• Watch life happen in your tank through out the school year.

Important info about Aquaculture:

This hands-on course will introduce you to exciting ways in which we are currently applying our knowledge of biology to the aquaculture industry. The curriculum covers such topics as ecology, cell and water chemistry, aquaponics, and fish husbandry. The course serves as an excellent foundation to precede any course that is science based. In this course, you will actually do science, as opposed to merely learning about science. You will gain skills that will help you be successful not only in future science and agriculture courses, but of even more importance, in your future career, whatever that be.

Class offered to 9th graders

This is a Semester long class which required two class periods

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