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So these pictures tell my story. As you can tell I love my family, I have 2 step siblings, their names are Keenan and Kerrigan. Keenan is 18 years old and is in college, playing Franklin University Baseball. Kerrigan is 16 years old and a very good soft ball player; I am very proud of them. I also have an aunt who lives in Chicago Illinois, I go there often to see her, which is probably the reason I also love to travel. My aunt and I are both going to France after I graduate, we have already have a lot of money saved for it, so I'm very excited for that. And I also have a second baby cousin, his name is Micah and he is the most sweetest baby ever; I love him very much and I also babysit him. I also really love my friends, they are really funny and they are always here for me. And also I have a cat, and I probably love her than most people, she is probably 7 years old, and she is really fat and cute. AND I have been in choir for 3 years now, I really like it and I think I'm gonna continue to be in it. So that is probably most I can say about me.

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