Friday Highlights December 2016 What's happening at Forsyth County Department of PUblic Health

Top left: Holley and fellow PHAP Associates with CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden; top right: Tracey and fellow PHAP Associates at the Dengue Branch in San Juan, Puerto Rico; bottom left: Holley at her desk in the EOC; bottom right: Tracey after she arrived in San Juan

After the World Health Organization declared the Zika virus a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, the CDC activated its emergency operations center (EOC) to Level 1, the highest level of activation, to combat the spread of this debilitating virus. In order to keep the response staffed and prevent responder burnout, CDC asks its employees to volunteer to work in temporary response assignments. FCDPH's three PHAP Associates, Holley Hooks, Tracey Semcer, and Hope Tranberg, were lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in positions in the EOC and in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Holley (Epidemiology and Surveillance) spent her 60 day deployment in Atlanta at CDC headquarters as support staff for the incident management leadership team. She directly assisted the Incident Managers, Dr. Lyle Petersen and Captain Denise Jamieson, by taking notes during meetings and managing their progress report. She also coordinated data reporting for the US Government Zika Dashboard and conducted round-the-clock management of emails for the Deputy Incident Managers.

Tracey Semcer (Preventative Health) was deployed to CDC's Dengue Branch in San Juan, Puerto Rico, for nearly two months. She was one of 14 CDC Public Health Associates who was assigned to the CDC Dengue Branch and Puerto Rico Department of Health Case Surveillance Team. Her specific duties included reviewing clinical case data, epidemiologic data and laboratory results to assign suspected Zika cases to appropriate projects and testing algorithms. She also ensured healthcare providers and suspected Zika cases received lab results in a timely manner by performing efficient data entry of clinical information. The PHAP team was able to increase the baseline data entry weekly average of 1,300 cases per week to over 2,000!

Hope Tranberg (POSSE) is currently deployed for 60 days to the Epidemiology and Surveillance Task Force at CDC's headquarters in Atlanta. Her main task is monitoring the task force's functional email box and ensuring that information is delivered to the correct people in a timely manner. This task is especially important because despite mosquito season coming to an end, there are still active local Zika transmission zones in the United States and epidemiolgical information is a key component to tracking and stopping the disease.

Holley, Tracey, and Hope have all had experiences of a lifetime and are especially thankful for FCDPH supervisors and leadership for their support in pursuing these opportunities. If you want to hear more about the PHAP Associates' experiences, they will be presenting a lunch-and-learn after the holidays. Stay tuned for more information!

Research shows that children with untreated cavities are more likely to miss school and perform poorly when compared to their peers with no cavities. Luckily, dental sealants are an easy solution to this problem. Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that are painted onto the grooved surface of the back teeth and have been shown to dramatically reduce the risk of cavities in children.

Thanks to a grant from the State of North Carolina, the Cleveland Avenue Dental Center has been able to partner with local schools to provide sealants for children in need in Forsyth County. Together with the Preventive Dental Program hygienists, the Dental Center completed a pilot sealant project at Forest Park Elementary School in the spring of 2016. The project was successful and has since expanded to multiple schools for the 2016-2017 school year. In the last 4 months, the Dental Center has conducted exams on 421 children at Griffith, Konnoak, and Forest Park Elementary Schools. These children were given needed dental services, including cleanings, fluoride, and sealants.

Left: Dr. Sun Min Lee and Dental Assistant Erica Littlefield working on a patient; Right: Dental Assistants Erica Littlefield and Lauren Pegram set up and ready to see patients

On Tuesday, December 6, the Teen Initiative Project and Teen Talk met jointly for their annual holiday wreath making party. Rodd Smith, Coalitions and Community Engagement Director, provided instructions to the teens on how to make decorative holiday wreaths using shatter resistant ornament balls, garland, and a coat hanger. Carrie Worsley, Family and Community Health Education and Outreach Director, along with Robin Lester, Adolescent Health Services Coordinator, and the Transportation Aides (Derrick Allen, Deborah Hutton, and Tanishia Rowland) participated in the festivities as well and assisted the teens with their wreaths.

The Teen Initiative Project (males and females, ages 14 - 21) and Teen Talk (females only, ages 9 - 13) are long standing teen pregnancy prevention programs sponsored by the Department of Public Health. For more information, please contact Robin Lester at x3269 or via email, .

Left to right: Rodd Smith providing instruction; sample finished wreath made by Rodd Smith; teens making their wreaths

Last Month's Trivia Question:

How often are the completed surveys collected from their boxes?



And the winner is:

Betty Frericks in Environmental Health!

This month's question:

Who empties the survey boxes at the end of each day?

Staff Recognized as Going Above and Beyond to Serve Our Clients In the Month of November:

Alexa Jordan Public, Health Nurse III

Andrea Caldwell, Public Health Nurse III

Beverly Dobson, Public Health Nurse III

Brenda Antunez, Office Assistant

Charlene Fields, Public Health Nurse III

Dr. Emily Smith, Dentist Director

Erica Littlefield, Dental Assistant

Ethel Evans, Sr. Office Assistant

Geneva Carter, Phlebotomist

Helena How, Office Assistant

Hope Grigsby, Nutritionist

James Mchone Jr, Environmental Health Specialist

Jamie Rose, Public Health Nurse II

Janice Payne, WIC Peer Counselor

Katherine Rucker, Office Assistant

Kathryn Combes, Physician Assistant

Kenneth Lyons, Sr. Physician Assistant

Lauren Pegram, Dental Assistant

Madeline De La Cruz Diaz, Sr.Office Assistant

Margaret Speas, Sr. Physician Assistant

Mary Atkins, Public Health Nurse III

Michael Faircloth, Environmental Health Specialist

Monica Eller, Sr. Office Assistant

Nihya Payne, Sr. Office Assistant

Norma Lucas, Office Assistant

Pamela Burch, Public Health Nurse II

Rosalinda Olivares, Foreign Language Interpreter

Sade Gideon, Office Assistant

Stephanie Witherspoon, Sr. Office Assistant

Sun Min Lee, Dentist

Tammy Michel, Dental Hygienist

Nicole Logie, Physician Assistant

Felicia Moore, Public Health Educator

Bronia Carpio, Human Services Technician

Gail Melton, Human Services Technician

Rebecca Barry, Nutritionist

Patrica Aguilar, WIC Peer Counselor

Diana Benitez, Interpreter

Nancy Schuh, Sr. Office Assistant

Betty Frericks, Sr. Office Assistant

Darlene Steele, Dental Office Manager

Chad Rakes, Environmental Health Specialist

Ayushi Shah

The end.

The Council knows that many of us are so busy in our own service areas, we don't always know about the great things that are happening across the health department. The Friday Highlights are a way to bridge this gap and we hope to better connect all of our staff.

We need your help with stories to share each month in the Friday Highlights. Anyone can submit something to be shared! You can send anything from a wedding or new baby announcement to an exciting event that happened in your department.

Email Holley Hooks at to have your announcements included in next month's Friday Highlights.


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