• Discuss Readings
  • Introduce Rhetorical Methods
  • Introduce “Framework for Success”



In your own words and using what you learned from last night's reading, what does Wayne Booth mean when he says, "The only real alternative to war is rhetoric"? Do you agree or disagree? Why?



  1. First, Listen
  2. Hear What Others Are Saying--and Think about WHY
  3. What Do You Think--and Why?
  4. Do Your Homework
  5. Give Credit
  6. Be Imaginative
  7. Put in Your Oar

To put in your oar, you must ask:

  • How do you want to come across to your audience?
  • How can you appear knowledgeable, fair, and well informed?
  • What can you do to represent yourself in a positive way?
  • What can you do to show respect both for your audience and for those whose work and thinking you engage with?
  • How can you demonstrate that you have your audience's best interests at heart?

Free Write

  1. Describe a situation in high school or at work where you overcame a challenge.
  2. Discuss what you did to overcome the challenge.

Group Work

10 minutes

Get into groups of 3

1 person keeps time, 1 person keeps notes, 1 person presents, everybody discusses

  • Share your answers.
  • When overcoming challenges, what are some similar strategies?

Report Back

  • Write your similar strategies on the board.
  • Present/discuss


  • Read They Say, I Say Chapter 14 and Intro (on Canvas)
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