How to Maximize Virtual and Hybrid Sponsors’ ROI Author: Savy Huynh

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many of us began heavily utilizing virtual platforms for meetings, events, trade shows, you name it! With virtual or hybrid options comes a myriad of opportunities as well as challenges, one of which being how to prove your sponsor’s return on investment. Below are a few of our favorite ways to increase sponsors’ perceived value, create brand awareness, and bring in additional revenue for both you and your sponsors through virtual and hybrid events.

Branded Lobby

The waiting area is the first point of contact that the vast majority of people will view. This is a great place for sponsors to display their logo or message in front of attendees. A branded waiting room is the same concept as pre-movie advertisements on the big screen before the feature film begins. Your sponsors can present their message out by having their logos or links prominently featured before the virtual gathering, or give the first few minutes of your event or sessions to your sponsors by running engaging videos and introducing them as your event sponsors before, during or after the meeting. Similarly, the real estate around the landing page can be utilized for sponsor recognition because all attendees will be visiting the landing page before moving throughout your event. Be sure to make it clear that these are sponsors of the event so people don’t get confused about who the organizers are, and avoid distracting offers, pop-up ads, or anything else that may be confusing or misleading.

Sponsored Breaks

For virtual events that will take longer than just a few hours, allowing for small breaks throughout the event is important for attendees to retain focus and can open opportunities for sponsorships. Create a gaming play area for break sessions and offer interactive options such as digital chess, giant Jenga, card games like Gin Rummy or Hearts, Scrabble or other board games, or individual games like Solitaire or Sudoku. These are excellent ways to keep your guests occupied and relieve potential boredom. It is also a creative way to give your sponsor branded game pieces that will get posted and talked about after the event is over. Games offer a great way to make sure people are paying attention to the brand by giving it additional exposure. Other game ideas can include networking challenges, people bingo, or scavenger hunts as a way for strangers to connect, to get to know each other and to become more comfortable with the online format. You can even have a sponsor take the lead and create games or activities that relate to their brand or product. In addition to fun games, incorporate a virtual workout session to get your attendees some much needed stretches in between sessions.

Sponsored Happy Hours or Meal Delivery

Get the party started with a sponsored happy hour event. Happy hour events help employees bond and connect. Instead of just drinking together, virtual happy hours allow opportunities for sponsors to easily set an agenda and introduce a theme, play games, let participants give a peek into their family lives and much more. If liquor is allowed, consider giving the sponsor a way to sponsor the drink itself, such as an engraved glass set and custom wine bottle delivered directly to the attendee in memorable packaging. Another option is to deliver food to your guests or attendees. After all, food brings everyone to the table. Consider for example, having the DoorDash Delivery to everybody’s food meals sponsored by XYZ.

Digital Event Bag

Let’s face it, the best thing about attending tradeshows are the swag bags, gifts and samples.Let’s face it, the best thing about attending tradeshows are the swag bags, gifts and samples. Instead of physical items, you can allow your sponsors to curate what goes into attendees' swag bags, be it coupons or vouchers, a free trial for software, or an online course. A digital bag provides sponsors the reporting data such as how many people accessed it and how they interacted with the items in the bag.

Virtual Mall

Who doesn’t like to shop, especially virtually? Using Galactic’s Loyalty Point Catalog, you can create a virtual mall and allow the attendee to put together their own swag bags or sponsored gifts to be mailed directly to them. The mall can also lend itself to virtual experiential gifting opportunities where attendees can design their own gift, such as custom sneakers. Alternatively, sponsors can even showcase their products or even sell their goods directly to attendees. Not only does this create a digital shopping experience but sponsors can deliver their brand messaging in a more interactive format and directly speak to their customers.

In Conclusion

Virtual events may not offer all of the same sponsorship opportunities that you're used to having, but there are still ways to generate revenue and deliver exceptional content to your audience. Remember – at the end of the day, virtual events are all about focusing on the experience

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