Ecuador de: Tony, MAggie, Christian, and Jesus

Quito, Ecuador. This city is the capital of Ecuador, and is most significant for its coexistence between modernization and tradition.

Ecuador's flag is yellow, blue, and red. The yellow represents the fertility of the crops and the land. The blue represents the sea and sky. The red represents the blood shed by the soldiers and martyrs from the independence battles.

This is Santo Domingo. The main reason why Santo Domingo is significant is because it is the OLDEST Spanish Colony in the New World (Americas).

This is Guayaquil. This city is significant because it is the commercial port. Everything coming in and out of Ecuador by sea comes through Guayaquil.

At one point Ecuador had their own currency, but now most if not all of the country uses U.S currency.

Ecuador was founded on August 10, 1809. Ecuador gained its full independence from Spain on May 24, 1822.

Ecuador has a Representative Democracy. This means that they elect officials, who in turn represent a group of people.

From this chart, you can see there are more young and middle aged citizens in Ecuador. In 2014, there were 15,902,916 people living in Ecuador.

The native citizens of Ecuador usually speak Spanish, but there are other languages spoken as well. Some of these languages include Quichua, English, Ecuadorian Sign Language, and Colorado.

These are the ethnic groups located within Ecuador (Far Right).

Ecuador has mainly three types of terrain. The sierra (central highlands), the jungles of the Oriente and the coastal plains (the Costa).

Ecuadorians celebrate a major holiday called Carnaval. This celebration happens 40 days before Easter and is celebrated on 2 days, February 8th and 9th. This holiday is celebrated before Ash Wednesday or the fasting period before Easter.


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