Abraham Lincoln A Hard Life


Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809. He lived on the frontier .


Abraham Lincoln worked many jobs as a young man to help his family. As an adult , he was elected to Illinois.

A Divided Country

Lincoln was one of many people in the north who didn't think that slavery was right.

A New Leader

Lincoln was elected as president in 1860. When Lincoln took office in 1861 he did not want the country to break apart .

The Civil War Begins

The Civil war began in 1861. The Confedarate army attacked Fort Sumpter in South Carolina.

A New Country

In 1800 there were 16 states in the United States. By 1861 the country had grown to have more than 36 States.

Lincoln Gave the Gettysberg Address

on November 19, 1963 , in the place where the battle was fought . This important speech honored the soldiers who had died in the war .

A Dividing Country

Harriet Tubman was a slave who escaped to freedom in the north . She went back to the south many times to help bring other slaves to freedom in the north.


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