Photoshop Portfolio McKenna nott

Artistic Collage:

My inspiration was love. It is representing love with the bright, warm colors I chose. The background is of the sky is supposed to represent the bright, happy things that come with being in love.


CD Cover:

My inspiration for this art piece was the country singer Keith Urban. I love his album ripcord and I chose to do that album because it's his newest one and his cover was just a picture of him just like all of his other albums. I blended the eye with the scratchy background and colored the eye blue because of his famous song "Blue Ain't Your Color" which is my favorite. I blended a parachute onto the back of the CD case because the title of his album is Ripcord which is the cord on a parachute so I thought it would be cool to tie that into my album cover. I have the scratchy background because Keith is a rugged guy who likes ripped t shirts and I hoped it would blend in well with all of my other elements.


Website Home Page:

My inspiration for this project was motorcycles. I'm not gonna lie, I know nothing about motorcycles so I took what I knew and I tried to make a dark and mysterious looking webpage. I also incorporated the U.S flag because the stereotype is that cool, country, america loving men ride motorcycles. I also used a slogan that sounded manly to go along with the dark and mysterious aspect. I specifically used black and white images to blend everything together.


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McKenna Nott

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