The Importance of Suncscreen Use Brianna Reef

Not wearing sunscreen may result in sunburn, which can be extremely painful. Sunburn may also leave awkward tan lines, which are never fun, especially raccoon eyes.

A lack of sunscreen use may lead to skin damage, such as wrinkles, at an earlier age. Wrinkles at an earlier age might cause the person to spend money on products to help make their skin look younger.

These images show a few victims of too much sun, and not enough sunscreen. These images portray sunspots, and sadly those sunspots could possibly turn cancerous.

Students need to apply the proper level of sunscreen in order for sunscreen to be more effective, and fight against the chances of skin damage, sun burn, or skin cancer. All students have different skin types and require a different level of sunscreen.

Skin cancer can appear anywhere, even your forehead, so properly applying sunscreen is extremely important.

The back and shoulders are usually the hardest place to reach, which may be why a lot of students skip their back and shoulders. Having a friend apply sunscreen to those areas can be vital, and may save the student from getting sunburn, or worse skin cancer.

Everyone deserve to have a friend that will have their back no matter what. That includes while being on the beach.


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