The Steam Engine By Sophie Greenwood

The Steam Engine was the most significant change in the 1800's because it impacted the amount of people who traveled to America, the amount and speed goods were shipped at, and the speed people could travel across the country.

People were able to travel faster by boat and train, and more goods could be moved at a time. It also created many new job opportunities. On the Website Steam locomotive it states, "And, for the first time in history, people had the ability to quickly and cheaply move to big cities to find work, as opposed to working on the farm."(

The Steam Engine affected the country by increasing the population of people who traveled to America and increased the amount of trade moving around the country. In a section of it says, "Ships and trains powered by steam moved manufactured goods and people from place to place quickly and more efficiently."(

Historical Context

The Steam Engine started being developed in 1790 and was fully developed by 1927. The steam engine was invented because coal was very needed and used during the Industrial Revolution and water needed to be taken out of mines and the steam engine could do that. At the same time the telegraph was being invented which drew in more people to America because they could communicate over large distances if they traveled away from home... More people needed a fast traveling system.

The Steam Engine affected both the North and South because people could travel back and forth more easily on train and boat. On the website Steam Locomotive it states, "Stephenson's train easily out classed all other competition and became the first regular, public rail transit, as it regularly went 16 mph and reached bursts of 36 mph." (

affected Westward Expansion by bringing more people into America because people could travel back and forth more quickly and more people could receive goods faster and for less money.



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