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The flag of Jersey is composed of a red saltire on a white field. In the upper quadrant the badge of Jersey surmounted by a yellow "Plantagenet crown". The flag was adopted by the States of Jersey on June 12, 1979, proclaimed by Queen Elizabeth on December 10, 1980, and first officially hoisted on April 7, 1981.
These two pictures show different kinds of people from Jersey.
these are dresses u may see women where in jersey.
saint Helier is one of the twelve parishes of Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands in the English Channel. St Helier has a population of about 33,500, roughly 34.2% of the total population of Jersey, and is the capital of the Island.
the Bailiwick of Jersey, a crown dependency in the Channel Islands, off the French coast of Normandy, has two official languages: English and French. Traditionally, Jèrriais, a variety of the ancient Norman language, has been the dominant language of the Bailiwick, but the past century has seen a great decline in its use, as well as the use of French. as seen above can be an example of the language.
The story of Jersey from neolithic times to the modern day. Discover the island's finest treasures. The main museum and art gallery for the island of Jersey, the Jersey Museum is a modern building with displays which cover the history, archaeology and art of the island. The art gallery has a changing programme of displays.
this is one of many painting seen at this museum.
St Helier is a mish-mash of building styles and ages - from the modernist front to the States of Jersey to the 1000 year old parish church. There are the new waterfront buildings and the preserved Liberty Wharf.
buses and tours provide transportation around jersey.
The Fresh Fish Company is situated in the heart of the island’s commercial fishing fleet on the Victoria Pier of St. Helier Harbour. Fresh spider crabs in the summer months - are in a league of their own. Grab a crab sandwich or lobster claws to eat with a sea view or select the freshest of fish to grill on your beach BBQ.

problems in jersey involve traffic and tax.

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