PFD Periodical MARCH 2017


Daylight Saving Time (DST) is used to save energy and make better use of daylight.

" American inventor and politician Benjamin Franklin proposed a form of daylight saving time in 1784. He wrote an essay "An Economical Project for Diminishing the Cost of Light" to the editor of The Journal of Paris, suggesting, somewhat jokingly, that Parisians could economize candle usage by getting people out of bed earlier in the morning, making use of natural morning light instead." (Wikipedia)

I love DST! I am solar powered. There is something about having the sun up in the evening that replenishes my energy. I think it comes from growing up in Nebraska where the sun does not set until 9:30 to 10:00pm in the summer. In the words of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John,..."Oh those Summer Nights!"

So what are you going to do with your extra hour of sun? Don't waste it away. Once it's gone, you can never get it back. Do something! Enjoy it.

Another Bright spot!

We completed the San Diego showroom remodel and saw our first homebuyers again on March 4th. A long overdue project and a huge accomplishment. It turned out amazing and I am so proud of the space and the environment we have created for our customers and our employees. It's Remarkable!

A special thank you to our Design Team (Nikki, Patience, Maria and Aubrey) for their vision and patience (no pun intended) throughout the project. They did an incredible job and have set the bar high for the next showroom we do. There are a large number of companies and trades that also helped make this possible. In addition, many staff members jumped in unselfishly and helped out in numerous ways!

Thank you ! Thank you!

Be Remarkable


Department News


Chris Smith, Seth Jobin, Lisa Bonneau, and I in the Restoration Department are off to a fast start in 2017, with lots of business coming due to all the rain we have been getting. We continue to build off our better that expected numbers in 2016, which saw us overcome a big challenge following the loss of one of our larger sources of business in Farmers Insurance. Much of our success goes to Seth's credit, and his ability to shift gears and create a new client base for us with some the largest restoration contractors in San Diego. In addition, Chris was his usual dominating self, through his work with restoration contractors and multiple retirement communities, he carries a large part of what we do. Most importantly, one of the largest benefit's we've received is the addition of Lisa to our department, which has really showed itself this past year. She is the hub of our wheel. She allows for tremendous efficiencies for the rest of us, and leaves a great impression with our customers through her calm, caring and highly competent work.

Going forward, we continue to look at expanding our share, improving our profits, and developing new relationships within our restoration world. We hope to bring on another PM in the not too distant future, and possibly another Coordinator as we grow. We recognize that our capability to grow depends heavily on the background structure at Picketfence. We see, and feel positive effects of the outstanding group and system that has been set up. Obviously, we couldn't do it without Kyley and Tammy, and we are extremely appreciative for their outstanding work. We are seeing a lot of new great installers and cannot thank them enough. Our field supervisors are invaluable, and they are true differentiators in the outcome of our jobs. I could go on... we are optimistic about the future, and feel we are set up for success moving forward.

Brian Ganster


Our Featured project this month is with the Commercial Division

Vineyard Ranch at Temecula Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility, by Pacific West Development, located in Temecula. There are 78 units, 58 are for assisted living and 20 are for memory care. This project is 64,310 SF.

  • 6600 SY Carpet
  • 15000 SF Vinyl Plank
  • 1600 SF Time & Stone
  • 1154 SF Hardwood Pattern
  • 1150 SF Epoxy Flooring
  • 1000 LF Wall Base


Albert Serratos 3.2

Karyssa Summerlin 3.22


Jeffrey Bare 1 year

Sal Hamby 2 years

Erin Maccie 1 year

New Hires

Hope Marmolejo - Builder Sales Assistant

Thant's all for now, until next month, be remarkable!

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