Thanks to Shake Shack, your winter will always be sweet Grace Livecchi

As December rolls along, on comes holiday break, caroling and scented candles. But most importantly–desserts.

But when it comes to sweet treats, the plain old chocolate chip cookie no longer fills the void of winter delight we all crave.

Shake Shack’s “Coconut Snowball” winter themed shake is a tasty and enjoyable way to celebrate the season.

The restaurant released a 2019 line of holiday shakes titled the “Alpine Tree–o” on Nov. 12. Every year, Shake Shack releases a holiday line of shakes, including the flavors “Christmas Cookie,” made of sugar cookie frozen custard, “Chocolate Peppermint,” made of chocolate frozen custard and a third mystery flavor.

This year’s “Coconut Snowball” shake is crafted with marshmallow and coconut frozen custard, topped off with whipped cream, coconut and sprinkles.

After seeing an ad for this shake, I headed over to Shake Shack located on Post Road in Westport to see if it tasted as good as it looked.

Head over to Shake Shack as a quick homework break, like I did

Priced at $5.99, the Coconut Snowball is only 50 cents more than the price of a regular shake.

The shake was very sweet, which was something I didn’t mind because I have a huge sweet tooth. However, it was really filling and I wasn’t able to finish it. The coconut flavor was very strong, so I’d definitely steer clear of this shake if that's not something you’re a huge fan of.

I gave the Coconut Snowball a 4/5 star rating

Overall, the Coconut Snowball offered a great experience. Shake lovers: if you’re ever in need of a winter themed pick me up, you will not be disappointed by the Coconut Snowball shake.


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