Baaron By briana and aaroN

Our planet that we created is called Baaron.

Size: The size of our planet is 3,963 m , 4 m more than the size of Earth. Crazy isn't it? They are practically the same size.

Distance from the star: The distance of Baaron to its star is 92.96 million m also like Earth.

Gravitational Force: The amount of gravitational force on the surface is 9.807 m/s. Also just like Earth!

Length of one Day: The length of one day in our planet is 33 hours. Earth's length of one day is 24.

Length of one year: The length of one year is 375 days while Earth has 365 days.

Axis: Our planet does include seasons. The seasons are exactly the same as Earth's except they are in a certain season for a longer amount a time due to the length of one year.

This is the planet we had created and everything about it. We made it in this certain way that is very similar to Earth so that the atmosphere, mass, gravity, etc., would be perfect enough for human life to live on it.

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