The Renaissance By enri mendez

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

Races: The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the renaissance.

It helped the Silk Road by a lot because new things were in the shop. People did not believe Marco Polo that he went to China. Marco Polo had no prove when he went to china. Nobody from there did not believe he so he went back to china and brought some things from china. People did not want to believe him because they thought he was lieing that he went to china.

How the renaissance helped the Silk Road is that it improved new thing is the shop and china and Asia grew.

ItaLian trade cites (florence)

Medici family

RediscoVering the pasT

Leonardo de Vinci


Paper and pRintinG

RenaissanCe writing

How it reflected the ideas of humanism is that William Shakespeare was very famous. He wrote more than 30 comedies, tragedies and histories. He was mostly famous for his plays. He wrote poems and did plays. People haved injoyed the beauty of Shakespeare's language and his understanding the humanity. Shakespeare compares people to the actors in a play who have been watching with great interest.

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