The Pools Irvine, CA

Project Category : Public Recreation

Total Construction Cost : 8,000,000

Total Gross Square Feet : 24,429

Approximate Cost Per Square Foot : 328

How was the facility funded? : Developer

Project Description:


The Pools are part of a new planned residential development in the Great Park neighborhood in Irvine. As land becomes scarcer in southern California and the demand for larger houses grows, usable outdoor space has been reduced to a minimum for both residents and communities. The design recognizes the changing role of the community center and consolidates this precious resource along with other features into a single central destination for all: a neighborhood amenities park.


The Pools include amenities promoting healthy lifestyles for residents and the community-at-large including (2) family and leisure pools, a communal living room, a library space, full outdoor kitchen and several cabanas and deck lounges. In addition, (2) tower elements, strategically located in the park, define major entries and glow at night as beacons of a new promising community.

The new facility establishes a contrast to the status quo of completely sealed houses, detached from their context and natural environment. The new building is conceived as an airy pavilion that protects from elements and suggests enclosed space while purposefully connecting to the outdoors to leverage the local mild climate and surrounding amenities. The indoor spaces are flexible, specifically designed to be rearranged and resized, depending on the activities and current needs of residents.


The materials palette is simple and elegant: stacked stone walls ground the structure, floating teak wood ceilings add warmth, large format porcelain tile floors and operable glass walls provide a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. The towers are clad in smooth plaster and are capped with a brushed metal reflector that is lit with programmable LEDs to visually communicate events to the community. The buildings are an expression and reinterpretation of the quintessential southern California lifestyle.

Floor Plans