Financial Advisor Money Matters

Job Description

Helping adults to be the smart with their money

Education Requirements

Bachelors degree, have a CFB, three years of experience, and pass a certification exam


Math and knowing how to deal with money


Three years of financial experience

Yearly salary

$89,160 for average workers

Advantages and Disadvantages

Being a financial advisor is good money but can be stressful especially during times of debt.

Career Reflection

Why I chose this career

I chose financial advisor because I am good at math and I might as well pursue a career that deals in mathematics and economy.

Why I think think I would be a good fit

I'm very good math and know when to take risks.

What attracts me to this career

The pay attracts me and seems like a good fit.

What my concerns me about this career

I'm concerned about self employment or office employed.


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