Forest Vision Viriditas

Welcome to Tuesday and the theme of Viriditas.

Today we explore viriditas, the power and spirit of vitality, fecundity, lushness, or growth. Hildegard Von Bingen, the 12th century abbess and medical practitioner, used this term in reference to the capacity of nature, as well as our innate human ability, to grow and to heal. It is in the spirit of viriditas, this urge of spring green growingness, that we invite you into this time of reflection.

Opus verbi viriditas: The Work of the Word is Greenness. -Hildegard of Bingen

Opening Prayer: Open our hearts, O God, to your abundant green growing within and around us.

Art from Our Community:

Forest Serenity by Jean Tudor, January 1996

Glass on Metal (Enamel), 10" x 10" x 3/4"

Jean writes, "A forest. I once asked a 7th grade class I was teaching if any of them had ever been where there was no sound made by humans and their activities. Not one could cite such a place--there were always traffic noises, voices, construction, sirens. How sad.

The serenity of the forest, the wind in the trees, the rush of the river. Such places are to be treasured."

Art from Our Community:

To Bee Alive by Mary Ann Sinclair, September 2019

Fiber Arts, W 19" x L 27 1/2" x D2 1/2"

Mary Ann writes, "This is a statement piece to remind us that bees work toward the sustaining of all life as a vital support to food sources for all creation. Despite their small stature and short lifespan, they do great things. They are threatened by pesticides brought back to the hive while foraging that threaten the health of the hive and weaken it to the invasion of mites that destroy their comb and eat the pupa in their incubating cell."

Artist Prompt: Describe a moment in your art making or in your life when you sensed the spirit of viriditas welling in, up, and through you. Remember a time when your creation, your life, felt true to the deepest Source of Life within you.

A Poem for You:

"How to Feel the Sap Rising"

Walk as slowly as possible,

all the while imagining

yourself moving through

pools of honey and dancing with

snails, turtles, and caterpillars.

Turn your body in a clockwise direction

to inspire your dreams to flow upward.

Imagine the trees are your own

wise ancestors offering their emerald

leaves to you as a sacred text.

Lay yourself down across earth

and stones. Feel the vibration of

dirt and moss, sparking a tiny

(or tremendous)

revolution in your heart

with their own great longing.

Close your eyes and forget this

border of skin. Imagine the

breeze blowing through your hair

is the breath of the forest and

your own breath joined, rising and

falling in ancient rhythms.

Open your eyes again and see it

is true, that there is no "me" and "tree"

but only One great pulsing of life,

one sap which nourishes and

enlivens all, one great nectar

bestowing trust and wonder.

Open your eyes and see that there

are no more words like beautiful,

and ugly, good and bad,

but only the shimmering presence of your

own attention to life.

Only one great miracle unfolding and

only one sacred word which is


---Christine Valters Paintner

Sending Prayer: O Greening Pulse of Life, thank you for the gifts of this day. Thank you for tender shoots of emerging green. Thank you for your animating spirit that infuses us with life.

Created By
Grünewald Guild